Aalto Startup Center’s startups and cases in Arctic15 2023 at Kaapelitehdas

Here are the 23 startups and cases from Aalto Startup Center’s ecosystem that are attending Arctic15!


Find us at Kaapelitehdas (Cable Factory) June 1st – 2nd and meet at our booth no.19, the over 20 selected startups and research cases from Aalto Startup Center’s portfolio. The tech, early-stage and research-based cases and startups are coming from our own Business Generator program, pre-business incubator program (R2B cases) and partner program Urban Tech Helsinki.

Don’t miss our workshop at room 1 “Aalto Startup Center From Ideas to Impact ® – The Proof is out there” on June 2nd at 11.00-11.50.

Warmly welcome to our workshop to hear more about how Aalto Startup Center, as part of Aalto University ecosystem, supports startups to flourish! During the workshop, we introduce our own renewed Business Generator program, pre-Business incubator program as well as ESA BIC Finland, where call is open until June 15th.
Tomi Erho, Marika Paakkala, Joel Takala and Kimmo Isbjörnssund will be there to answer your questions and to discuss how you can be part of our successful programs. The session will be facilitated by Kirsi Polvinen. If you are startup member, mentor, investor, VC or media. – Welcome and come and meet us!


Startups and cases attending Arctic15 from our ecosystem by program with their industry and innovation: 

Research to Business, pre-incubator program

Design.AI, B2B Software:

Design.AI leverages AI technologies and advanced analytics to bring about an enterprise-wide alignment on streamlining and optimizing the design operations.


NoSore, MedTech:

Nosore is developing an end-to-end solution for pressure injury prevention which includes a smart sheet with a mobile interface.


HentoTouch, HealthTech:

hentoTouch is developing a wearable, non-invasive device that activates the neural fibers that encode gentle and pleasant social touch on the surface of the skin. The hypothesis is that this kind of neural activation could be beneficial in prevention of relapses in alcohol use disorders.


NPHarvest, Circular Materials:

NPHarvest’s solution converts wastewater nutrients into eco-friendly fertilizer.


Milliscan, Security Tech:

MilliScan is making the world’s most convenient people and mail screening system for the security sector.


mTMS, HealthTech:

Indication-specific multi-locus true brain network transcranial magnetic stimulation is our core technology. Complete autonomy and remote control provide our customers a higher patient throughput and lower cost of treatment.


Soihtu DTx, Digital Therapeutics:

Soihtu DTx develops a novel digital game-based intervention for depression. The intervention intervenes directly with behavior through cognitive training, thus opening up a new avenue for efficacy that is not reached by existing pharmacological and psychosocial methods. The intervention, Meliora, aims to improve treatment access, reduce cost, and hasten symptom reduction.


Agate, Sensor Technology:

AGATE is set out to revolutionize why, how, when and where we take hyperspectral images and utilize this data, creating insights beyond the visibleTM in our everyday lives.


Visentools, B2B Software:

The Visentools R2B project develops the concepts, designs, and prototypes of the self-facilitating application and symbolically explicit artifacts used for visual sensebuilding.


Wuud, Biomaterials:

Wuud is a group of product development, commercialization and design professionals and researchers creating new wooden solutions for architectural cladding.


UCT-DC, Chip Technology:

Industry’s first ultra-compact transceiver in a small silicon chip, based on cutting research on graphene and Silicon photonics.

SDG-9 SDG-12 SDG13

Business Generator, accelerator program

Arivin Therapeutics, BioTech:

Novel anti-virulence strategies to treat Antimicrobially resistant infections.


VitalSigns, MedTech:

Vital Signs is developing a connected and smart multimodal medical device which can detect and analyse several biosignals through skin contact.


Robomed, MedTech:

RoboMed’s solution is directed to the need of non-invasive solutions for the biopsy of the intestine with a robotic capsule.


Lollet, FinTech:

Lollet offers easy and interactive virtual cards that allow both customers and businesses to stay connected with the least amount of costs and time.

SDG-12 SDG13 SDG14

Ethically+, B2B Commerce:

Ethically+’s solution is a SaaS enabled B2B Marketplace for Artisanal, Small and Medium sized businesses operating in the Jewelry industry value chain, from the mine to market.


SpectroCor, MedTech:

SpectroCor has developed a reliable method to observe oxygen availability in the heart, offering a huge opportunity to improve results in open-heart surgery.


CUBE PLUS, Smart Furniture:

CUBE PLUS’s innovation is the smart urban bench which is a reliable and low-cost solution for the operation of urban management for citizens, which provides them with various facilities, needed by citizens with clean and free energy


Urban Tech Helsinki, incubator program

Arctic Farming, AgriTech:

Arctic Farming is developing vertical farming technologies for the HoReCa and retail industries with future applications in the space industry.


Windaiar, Outdoor AR:

Windaiar is designing and developing an apartment listing app for real estate agents and their photographing teams and an apartment search app for apartment seekers.


Remoted, Urban Mobility:

REMOTED is a robot vehicle operator. They operate electric and self-driving shuttles and buses to deliver sustainable urban mobility service and superior consumer experience to markets.

SDG-9 SDG11 SDG-12

Exaum, Grid Balancing:

Exaum makes grid balancing affordable and flexible to the transmission system operator to enable large-scale variable renewable energy adoption.


I/OVuo, Urban Mobility:

I/OVuo is based on Marine Positioning and Piloting Technology providing hardware and system as an ICT and digitalization systems to add value to maritime industry. They develop products related to the maritime industry, berthing aid systems, structure monitoring, and spm berthing module.

SDG-9 SDG14 SDG-15


Also meet at our booth:
3D-PiezoMEMS R2B project and Aalto Digital Creatives cases. 


For more information or questions, please contact:

Milla Kalliokoski
Project Manager and Head of Marketing and Communications, Aalto Startup Center
+358 50 440 6428