Startups in Arctic15: Meet Exaum, a company focusing on green energy transition from Urban Tech Helsinki’s incubator program!

Exaum is part of Urban Tech Helsinki’s startup batch #4 and they’re attending Arctic15 with Aalto Startup Center. Get to know Exaum by reading our interview with them.

Check out Urban Tech Helsinki’s page about batch #4:

23 of Aalto Startup Center ecosystem’s startups are attending the Arctic15 event. Arctic15 is a Startup Investor Event and a meeting spot for startup entrepreneurs, investors, corporates and media from 60+ countries.

Who are you and what do you do? 

Exaum: Exaum is accelerating the green energy transition so that the climate crisis can be solved. We make grid balancing affordable and flexible to the transmission system operator to enable large-scale variable renewable energy adoption. We are a technically advanced team, with top industry knowledge that can deliver reliably. Exaum offers truly affordable and flexible grid balancing using AI-optimized heat-generation based power demand response.

What kind of team do you have at the moment?

Exaum: We have a team of 4 full time, 3 part-time, professional board, and +50 angels from Finland, Norway, Germany, Italy, Portugal, and South-Africa

What is your innovation?

Exaum: Doing grid balancing a primary business & truly affordable and flexible grid balancing using AI-optimized heat-generation based power demand response

What kind of problem does your innovation solve?

Exaum: Accelerates green transition by offering truly affordable and flexible grid balancing.

What is your idea’s impact (for society)?

Exaum: Acceleration of green energy transition that ultimately solves the climate crisis.

What are your main Sustainable Development Goals and why?


Goal 7: Affordable and Clean Energy* – Accelerating green transition





Goal 13: Climate Action* – Accelerating green transition




*Source: United Nations:

What are your next steps in the near future?

Exaum: We’re looking for partners for international rapid growth and investors for seed/round A

What are your main targets in the Arctic15 event?

Exaum: Our main targets in Arctic15 are finding new contacts for potential partners for international rapid growth and relevant investors for seed/round A

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