Startups in Arctic15: Design.AI, a Research to Business case in the field of B2B Software!

Design.AI is attending Arctic15 with Aalto Startup Center. Get to know Design.AI by reading our interview with them.

23 of Aalto Startup Center’s ecosystem startups are attending the Arctic15 event. Arctic15 is a Startup Investor Event and a meeting spot for startup entrepreneurs, investors, corporates and media from 60+ countries.

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Who are you and what do you do?

Design.AI: Design.AI helps UI Design function deliver up to 15% more consistency in designs and up to 20% more efficiently, by driving adoption of our design system. 

What is your innovation?

Design.AI: Our solution amplifies the value of design and helps design teams improve productivity in the design process by an average 30%:

  • Decrease development & design costs
  • Bring cohesion across platforms
  • Faster time to market
  • Better product quality
  • Happier customers
  • Accelerate the efficiency and efficacy of design system

What kind of problem does your innovation solve?

Design.AI: Background – For most companies in the world today, software is an essential part of their revenue stream and good software depends on good design. BUT design does not scale through hiring ONLY – business requirements pressure designers to build more, faster, and better.

For Design organizations, the problems we solve are:

  • Speed of product development
  • Designs following different standards, patterns, colors, typography and other styles
  • Product quality not meeting the KPI’s
  • Spending efforts on redundant design or code tasks
  • Cleaning up design & technical debt

What is your idea’s impact for society?

 Design.AI: Designs have a significant positive impact:

  • Making innovations more equitable, accessible and fun
  • Designs that deliver better user experiences & engagement
  • Affect change in user behaviour to solve social challenges e.g. improve donation rates, saving oceans, sharing meals, saving water etc.

What are your main Sustainable Development Goals and why?




SDG 8 – Decent Work and Economic Growth*




 *Source: United Nations:

What are you currently looking for and what are your next steps?

Design.AI: Customers, Investors, partners and technical talent

What are main targets in the Arctic 15 event?

Design.AI: Corporate Design teams, Angels/Early stage investors

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