About Us

Aalto Startup Center is a hybrid accelerator offering its own incubator and accelerator services, as well as several partnership programs. Its focus is on sustainable research-based and innovative deep-tech startups.

World Top 3 University Business Accelerator in 2021/22

Aalto Startup Center helps research-based and innovative deep-tech startups to build healthy, sustainable and scalable businesses by coaching, providing a wide ecosystem and matchmaking with relevant key players and stakeholders.

The core functionality is to coach pre-startups and early-stage startups to seek out and maximize their own unique potential to grow and scale up. Another supporting function of Aalto Startup Center is also to arrange a wide range of trainings, where the aim is to transfer knowledge and awareness to our startups about how to build sustainable and healthy businesses.

We are working in alignment with Aalto University’s new strategy starting in 2021: Shaping a sustainable future. The three cross-cutting approaches of the strategy are solutions for sustainability, radical creativity and entrepreneurial mindset. Read more about Aalto University’s strategy,¬†here.

Partnerships and collaboration

We are also participating in and leading international partnership incubator and accelerator programs such as Urban Tech Helsinki, Aalto Digital Creatives, and ESA BIC Finland. In 2020 we served over 40 companies in our programs, and in 2021/22 Aalto Startup Center was ranked as World Top 3 University Business Accelerator by UBI.

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