Leveraging business with Intellectual Assets (IPR)

IPR is a part of the Business Generator Model at Aalto Startup Center. The process starts with asset development when startups have to build team, focus on IPR, funding and partnering. Your startup can get these advices from us if you are part of the Business Generator Model.

Aalto Startup Center at Slush

Slush is next week! Aalto Startup Center along with Innovations Services is proud to be part of it. This year, we are highlighting some of our startups from both our business generator program and our Aalto-based research cases.

Finding Talent at TalentIt

It is competitive out there to find the best talent for your startups. On November 1st, 2018, Aalto Startup Center gave the chance to their startups that are recruiting to join the biggest talent fair in Aalto; TalentIT.

Slush is coming!

Aalto Startup Center is featuring its startups at Slush 2018! Slush is all about celebrating entrepreneurship and Aalto Startup Center is proud to be part of this renowned world-class conference.