Meet Tai, Startup Ecosystem Coordinator

Aalto Startup Center is really excited to have Tai join the team! Learn more about him with this video and interview.

Tai Tran_2_Aalto Startup Center

1. Can you tell us a bit about your professional background?

Ever since I arrived in Finland, I’ve been actively involved in building the Finnish startup ecosystem. With a focus on non-profit, entrepreneurial, and startup ecosystem, I’ve supported entrepreneurial individuals and students, providing them with tools and networks to grow personally and professionally. During my university years, I led a student entrepreneurship society, aiming to cultivate the next generation of founders for Finland’s startup scene and beyond. Following graduation, I delved into the tech and hackathon industry, serving as the Head of Global Operations for Junction. This experience marked a most successful year for Junction, leading to global expansion and recognition as the leading hackathon worldwide.

2. What makes you most proud during your studies years?

What I am most proud of during my studies is choosing not to look for internship placement and instead starting a company from zero. This hands-on experience helped me understand what it’s like to be a foreign founder in Finland. With this knowledge and a good understanding of how the Finnish startup ecosystem works, I feel confident in helping other international talents who want to start their own companies in Finland.

3. Can you explain a bit about your role at Aalto Startup Center?

As the Startup Ecosystem Coordinator at Aalto Startup Center, my primary goal is to elevate our position within the ecosystem, both nationally and internationally. I am tasked with fostering strong connections among stakeholders, including investors, clients, startups, and other relevant parties. My aim is to cultivate an inclusive ecosystem where everyone feels empowered to join and be a part of this community.

If you have upcoming projects or events and believe Aalto Startup Ecosystem could contribute! Let’s have a coffee!

4. What brought you to Aalto Startup Center originally?

The opportunity to join Aalto Startup Center as the Startup Ecosystem Coordinator was incredibly exciting, considering it’s a newly established position within the team. I am motivated and excited to explore the possibilities and make a meaningful impact during my time here. I am expecting positive unexpected things to happen very very soon!

5. What is your latest achievement?

Being nominated for Forbes 30 Under 30 EU in the category of “Social Impact” in 2023 was a milestone for me. It served as validation that my work has been positively impacting the community and clients of my previous employer. This recognition fuels my motivation to continue making a difference, now as part of the Aalto Startup Center team.

6. What would be the thing that will help you in your new role?

To excel in my new role as the Startup Ecosystem Coordinator, I believe that connections and networks play a crucial role. Fortunately, I have built strong connections through my previous work and projects, surrounded by like-minded and supportive individuals. These networks will be invaluable in connecting with relevant stakeholders and driving success in my role.

7. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

If I could only eat one food for the rest of my life, it would undoubtedly be sushi. However, not those ones with bananas, strawberries, and whipped cream on top – that’s a deal-breaker for me! 😊

8. If you could trade lives with any fictional character for a day, who would it be?

If I could trade lives with any fictional character for a day, I would choose Nemo, the adventurous clownfish from Pixar’s “Finding Nemo.” Exploring the vast and beautiful underwater world of the Great Barrier Reef would be an exhilarating experience, similar to the adventures awaiting me in the Aalto Startup Center ocean!

Thank you for your time, and I look forward to collaborating with all of you at Aalto Startup Center! Let’s make waves together!

Get to know Tai a little bit better by checking out THIS VIDEO we posted on social media.