Demo Day 2024: meet the startups from the Business Generator program

We will have 12 startups from our core accelerator program, the Business Generator. Register for Demo Day and meet them!

About Demo Day

Demo Day is already next Wednesday, on March 6th, and there you will be able to meet Aalto Startup Center’s startup portfolio and Aalto University’s research to business cases.

What you need to know in a nutshell:

  • WHEN? Wednesday, March 6th, from 13:00 – 17:00
  • WHERE? Aalto Startup Center (A Grid building – Otakaari 5)
  • FOR WHO? Open for investors, mentors, startup enthusiasts, and everything in between.



About the 12 startups from the Business Generator program presenting at Demo Day

  • Amertat Energy

Amertate’s solution is a small-scale high torque Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT). We have a patented product to solve a global problem in the energy sector. Our VAWT maximizes energy output in average wind speed, thereby increasing the availability of green energy and reducing reliance on fossil fuels.

The energy challenges in our planet require urgent attention. These challenges include high electricity transmission costs, limited solar energy in the Nordic countries, conflicts over non-recyclable wind turbine blades, and the incompatibility of small-scale wind turbines with harsh climates and residential areas.

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  • Arivin Therapeutics

Arivin therapeutics is utilizing novel chemistry to develop molecules that target bacterial offensive and defensive virulence factors and which are highly effective against World Health Organization top priority pathogens. Unlike antibiotics, these novel therapies evade bacterial resistance mechanisms. The technology also has the potential to be extended towards other diseases and indications.

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) represents one of the biggest global challenges, with 1.27M directly attributable deaths. This is predicted to increase to 10 Million deaths per year in 2050 with expected healthcare costs ranging between US$ 1 trillion to US$ 3.4 trillion, an increase of 780%. Both the EU and the World Health Organization (WHO) have recognized the huge problem and need for innovation.

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  • Bleam

AI-driven BLE, WIFI, 5G positioning that’s used in precise indoor location, AR, Fintech and more.

Location management function over mobile networks.

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  • Cube Plus

Cube Plus offers a unique value to this market by providing smart urban furniture with the ability to generate clean electrical energy. Our product is a smart urban bench that integrates innovative features, including the ability to generate clean and free energy to improve impact environment, more access to charging hub for users and reducing urban management cost for implementing charging hub.

Traditional urban furniture fails to meet the needs of modern urban spaces. Nomophobia is a modern-day fear that refers to the anxiety experienced when one’s mobile device runs out of battery, loses signal, or becomes inaccessible. Moreover, the high cost of creating smart hub stations poses challenges for city management.

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  • Emma Systems

Founded in 2021, Emma Systems is an innovative technology company dedicated to revolutionizing the aviation industry through advanced software solutions. Our mission is to transform the operational efficiency and data management capabilities of airports worldwide by leveraging the power of Data, Collaboration and artificial intelligence.

The problems Bleam is solving are:
1. Operational Inefficiency: Airports often struggle with optimizing resource allocation, managing flight schedules, and handling the day-to-day complexities of airport operations
2. Data Silos: One of the significant challenges airports face is the fragmentation of data across different systems and departments.
3. Lack of Adaptability: Traditional airport management systems are often rigid, making it difficult for airports to adapt to new technologies or customize solutions according to their specific needs.

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  • Ioncell

Ioncell® is the next generation circular textile fiber, replacing virgin cotton, viscose and even polyester. We are on a bold mission to transform the linear clothing and textile industry into circular economy! Our patented Ioncell® technology creates the strongest bio-based textile fibers in the world – from 100% textile waste.

Equivalent of 500 billion T-shirts is produced annually from virgin raw materials that all have sustainability issues, and only 1% of the materials are recycled back to new textiles! In other words, the industry is consuming massive amounts of virgin raw materials (120 million tons annually) and the vast majority of clothing and textiles end up being burnt or landfilled. Currently there are no technologies existing in the market to drive the transformation to circular economy.

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  • Iprefab Finland

Data bank, API + platform for the world’s modular detached houses suppliers with turnkey solution. The API provides the data of suppliers, houses, Dynamic pricing, access to customization to suppliers and demography for the market history. The platform is comparison tool to know the certified suppliers and houses for specific country, analyze the houses and matchmaking tool to find the lands.

Digitalisation lack in mass modular house producers with turnkey – Ready to move solutions. Modular houses / Prefabricated growing worldwide, the risk of investment grow accordingly. International Marketing challenge for the suppliers of house producers with turnkey solutions.

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  • KehoSense

KehoSense combines a self-developed thermal sensor, medical algorithms, and software to safeguard individuals from the negative effects of outdoor and indoor temperature exposure.

Many people face daily health hazards from temperature fluctuations and temperature exposure in the workplace. We aim to curb these risks, reducing occupational diseases and ensuring everyone’s well-being.

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  • Megasense

There is an urgent need for a scalable and reliable user-friendly air pollution and digital climate measurement solution that offers accurate, localised and real-time data, enabling individuals, businesses and policymakers to make informed decisions to safeguard health and the environment.

What kind of problems Megasense solves? Regulations: EU voted for stricter 2035 limit values for air pollutants – citizens to have a stronger right to compensation when the new rules are infringed. City: London Ultras Emission Zone – UK clean air and low emission zones net local authorities €418M in 2023. Business: the drive towards ESG and employees health and safety make MegaSense data an invaluable resource.

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  • SpectroCor

SpectroCor monitoring unit and a disposable fiber-optic sensor are used to monitor heart’s condition during open-heart surgery.

With the SpectroCor monitoring system heart surgeons may ensure adequate heart protection during operation. SpectroCor ables better care and reduces expenses.

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  • Vensum Power

Power Converter Module: For EV Charging, Energy Storage and Solar Energy. Our product is 50-75% Lower Energy Losses, 2-3x Extended Lifetime, 3-7x Higher Power or Smaller.

Vensum Power solves the problem of energy being lost.

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  • VitalSigns

Detects, records, analyzes, and documents body sounds, but also performs all other necessary examinations simultaneously. Our device takes the temperature, blood oxygen saturation, ECG, pulse, respiratory phase and rate, blood pressure and heart rate variability among others, all during the same time and process of using a stethoscope, almost exactly as doctors have used it so far. This will reduce the time needed to perform these examinations to a fraction of today’s time spent and increase the diagnostic accuracy by AI data analysis.

Medical doctors today are under an immense pressure, having to manage ever increasing patient numbers resulting in very little time spent per patient. General practitioners in Finland typically have 15-20 minutes per patient, considerably less in most other countries. During this time, they need to read the patient’s history, listen to their present complains and perform physical examinations, such as, blood pressure, pulse, oxygen saturation, temperature, and auscultation of (listening to) lungs and the heart, plus other more specific exams to come to a possible diagnosis. They also must document all these in the patient’s file, which at the moment is either by typing or dictating the text, which altogether takes a considerable portion of the allocated timeslot.

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About Business Generator Accelerator Program

The Business Generator accelerator focuses on sustainable research-based and innovative tech startups. The accelerator is open all year round to Finnish-registered startups that are less than three years old. Business Generator is the core of all Aalto Startup Center’s programs.

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