Demo Day 2024: meet ESA BIC Finland’s companies

On March 6th, most of the startups from Aalto Startup Center will be at Demo Day to showcase their inventions. From the ESA BIC Finland project, we will have all our current portfolio companies!

About Demo Day

Demo Day is coming up! This year it will be happening in just 2 weeks, on March 6th, and there you will be able to meet Aalto Startup Center’s startups portfolio and Aalto University’s research to business cases.

What you need to know in a nutshell:

  • WHEN? Wednesday, March 6th, from 13:00 – 17:00
  • WHERE? Aalto Startup Center (A Grid building – Otakaari 5)
  • FOR WHO? Open for investors, mentors, startup enthusiasts, and everything in between.

About the 4 ESA BIC Finland startups presenting at Demo Day

  • Arctic Farming

Arctic Farming has developed a new technology platform that will set the standard for future indoor farming appliances. Their first product, Herby™️, is a fully automated indoor farming appliance for food and hospitality professionals with additional applications in the space industry.

They are helping HoReCa and hospitality professionals uplift their business and food experiences by allowing them to grow their own ingredients in-house just like NASA astronauts. Their solution decreases the overall costs from fresh ingredients whilst providing a higher quality product with lower spoilage and decreased packaging costs.

➡️ More about Arctic Farming here:


  • iLu Space

A software solution that helps organizations know the climate risks, assess vulnerabilities in their assets and follow an adaptation plan to be resilient to extreme climate change events.

iLuSpace addresses the problem of economic and life losses worldwide due to climate change extreme weather events like floods, wildfire, droughts, heatwaves, sea level rise, etc.

➡️ More about iLu Space here:


  • NinjaLABO

Making big AI tiny by squeezing with TinyML as-a-Service.

The problem NinjaLABO’s innovation solves is enabling Edge AI on devices (e.g. Satellite Edge AI, Maritime, Medical equipment).

➡️ More about NinjaLABO here:


  • Winse Power

Winse Power solves technically critical challenges by delivering energy and data with light. The core of Winse Power technology relies on their own semiconductor chip technology engineered and built in Tampere Finland.

Their optical power link technology delivers energy reliably to places that are hard to power up using conventional solutions. These optical power links enable the exploitation of future megatrends such as green energy transition and space exploration.

➡️ More about them here:

About ESA BIC Finland

ESA BIC Finland is part of the wide European ESA BIC network. We also have a broad network of other partners who help to support the initiative including financial partners, technical and business support partners, legal and IPR partners, city, and event partners.

We aim to support aspiring innovative entrepreneurs and young ambitious start-ups financially and technically to reveal their full space potential. We welcome ideas and business models proposing new space solutions and technologies such as:

  • Augmented Reality, autonomous driving, self-navigating, self-flying devices, ships and vehicles, gaming, and many more.

ESA and Business Finland fund these projects jointly. Whether consumer, business, or both, we help startups and entreprenuers to introduce new technologies to ESA and its partner network, or to transfer existing ESA space technologies from hardware to data such as satellite data to terrestrial uses.

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