Fit into the life you’re trying to change

Tatu Malmström’s presentation at Aalto Startup Center on 26 November covered fundamental topics that any startup should understand: why data is not enough, how to see the world in customer’s eyes, and why understanding your customers is an advantage.

CleanDet revolutionizes cleanliness

The Finnish startup, CleanDet, offers hyperspectral imaging utilizing artificial intelligence to validate cleanliness in application areas where cleanliness is of utmost importance. Their technology detects and identifies invisible contaminants from surfaces.

Aalto Startup Center is a Main Partner and Exhibitor in Artic15

Aalto Startup Center is a Main Partner and Exhibitor in Artic15, starting today, 19th October at 13.00. The event will take place until Wednesday, 21st October. Meet our staff on our virtual booth or meet with our startups directly on their own private profiles/booths.

The Communication Edge -Moments of Truth by Nick Vertigans

How to show up and create a game-changing pitch “Find your own voice through effective communication. Be yourself and shape the message for your audience.” Nick Vertigans, from London, is a coach, speaker and developer of teams and leaders.