Introducing you: Kasper, Business Advisor

Meet Kasper Suomalainen, who recently started as the newest business advisor at Aalto Startup Center. Welcome to the team!

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Meet Kasper Suomalainen, who recently started as the newest business advisor at Aalto Startup Center. Welcome to the team!

1. Could you please give us a short introduction about yourself? (Name, position in ASUC, or current study status)

I’m Kasper, a business advisor at ASUC and an Aalto alumni.

2. Can you tell us a bit about your professional background? For example, what the Master’s study is about?

I’ve been involved with startups in various parts of the ecosystem for the past decade. I was running Aalto Entrepreneurship Society during my student time as well as being involved with Startup Sauna for quite a few years. After graduation, I worked in VC, and via a few adventures am now back at Aalto contributing to the vibrant research to business environment here.

3. Can you explain a bit about your role at Aalto Startup Center?

I’m a business advisor working specifically on the Seed of Bravery program, where we are running online accelerator programs for Ukrainian startups and startups in the EU with Ukrainian founders. During such a tough time, Aalto Startup Center aims to support entrepreneurial activities with high innovation potential that will one day help rebuild Ukraine. In addition, I will be available to help our in-house startups with their current challenges.

4. So, what brought you to Aalto Startup Center originally?

Aalto brought me back – this campus was my home for many years. I’ve gained so much from here and I’m excited to now be contributing back.

5. After a few weeks of working here, do you enjoy the experience? Which part is your favourite so far?

Yes, very much so. The best thing so far has been the openness of colleagues in welcoming me to the team. I also find excitement in and am looking forward to helping the in-house startup teams more towards the end of the year.

6. What have you been working on recently?

I’m in charge of the Seeds of Bravery program at ASUC. It’s currently what’s taking most of my time as designing, building and scheduling the programs together with partners from multiple other countries is a welcome challenge.

7. What’s your preferred work style?

I love being at the office and also appreciate remote days. Serendipitous meetups at the office really bring the team together. That said, when I absolutely need full focus for the whole day – I find myself in a quiet meeting room at A-Grid or working a remote day.

8. Do you want to say something to our startups?

Entrepreneurship is a tough and rewarding journey with each company going through its unique set of twists and turns. Us business advisors are here to help you with those ups and downs – together with the extended network of ASUC for further support on your journey.

9. Any plan or goals for the coming 2024?

Organize great accelerator programs for scientists and deep tech startups while getting to further know both my colleagues and the in-house startups better.

10. Tell us one thing about yourself that would surprise us

I have a half-meter long lizard at home. His name is Cid.