Demo Day 2024: list of startups and deep tech projects

In less than two weeks Demo Day 2024 will take place. Here you can find the list of startups and research to business projects attending and having a stand in the event. Come and meet them!

About Demo Day 2024

A day for startups, investors, mentors, media, and all ecosystem players interested in learning more about new innovations and business ideas.

This is the place to meet the Research to Business deep tech projects coming from Aalto University as well as our startups from our programs: Business Generator, Urban Tech Helsinki, ESA BIC Finland, and Aalto Digital Creatives.


List of startups and research to business projects


AIIO Keyless Platform is a modern digital platform ecosystem that enhances the current and new locks of both old and new properties, enabling secure and keyless access through safe identification.

Amertat Energy develops an innovative and eco-friendly wind powered energy solution for diverse climates and urban environments.

Arctic Farming
Has developed a fully automatic, plug-and-play farming module that enables their customers in the HoReCa industry to grow their own fresh produce on location, regardless of the season.

Arivin Therapeutics is an innovative biotech company set up in Finland, which is developing the next generation of anti-toxin strategies to tackle one of the biggest global health problems we currently face.

Bleam is an AI-driven BLE, WIFI, 5G positioning that’s used in precise indoor location, AR, Fintech and more. Location management function over mobile networks.

Ekotekt offers a robotic 3D concrete printing system for the automated production of precast concrete elements.

Emma Systems is a real-time A-CDM dashboard that enables operators and administrators to plan and manage airport flights schedules with a seamless user interface to visualize sensory information and data from various sources to allow for fast and accurate decision making.

Gaimmers is an innovative AI-powered language-learning via gaming experience that revolutionizes traditional learning methods, fostering a profound connection with the target language and empowering the love and joy in learning.

Ilu Space uses advanced machine learning, AI, and satellite data to reduce the impact of climate change.

Ioncell Oy is the next-generation circular textile fiber, replacing virgin cotton, viscose and even polyester. Our patented Ioncell® technology creates the strongest bio-based textile fibers in the world – from 100% textile waste.

Iprefab is an online AI aggregator engine designed for light construction project like detached houses. Iprefab provide users with a single source solution to compare prices, designs, delivery terms, and other information from multiple fast delivery modular light construction manufacturers and traders.

Jopi is an AI-powered platform for smarter construction. Ecosystem management, data-driven decisions, proactive communication. It helps construction professionals transform the management of their projects through a digital platform exposing key data with the help of AI; eliminating information silos in construction, providing transparency and proactivity.

KehoSense combines a self-developed thermal sensor, medical algorithms, and software to safeguard individuals from the negative effects of outdoor and indoor temperature exposure.

Make a BIM uses AI to automatically create building information models from architectural drawings, for smart cities, companies, and the building you live in.

MegaSense is a Finnish Startup selling advanced climate and air quality data analytics, and unprecedented spatial granularity to deliver unparalleled accuracy and real-time insights to consumers, businesses and authorities.

NinjaLABO is making big AI tiny by squeezing with TinyML as-a-Service. Enabling Edge AI on devices (e.g. Satellite Edge AI, Maritime, Medical equipment).

Oinride Oy innovative solution centers around AutoJoe®, a state-of-the-art, agile six-wheel mobile robot designed for safety in harsh mining environments while enhancing operational efficiency in mining processes. Complemented by the ControlWire® software, Oinride provides a comprehensive solution that optimizes fleet management, offers real-time insights, and streamlines the entire production process.

Pictue Oy revolutionizes photo documentation with its user-friendly and highly efficient app, offering the simplest solution in the market.

Preloved Coffee Oy mission is to catalyze impactful, sustainable change by innovating solutions from spent coffee grounds transforming this waste into a diverse range of premium biomaterials. Our sustainable initiatives alleviate business expenses and champion a greener future, actively mitigating climate impact through innovative, eco-friendly practices.

Rolly is a robot-as-a-Service platform, empowering businesses in retail, ecommerce, shops, and hospitality

SpectroCor Oy excels in advanced spectroscopy tech for precise and efficient sample analysis in life sciences and medicine. Their goal is to offer precise and efficient tools that enhance sample analysis, adding value to scientific research and diagnostics.

Superhood is a neighborhood app for the local ecosystems of people, businesses and cities.

Talozen reduces the carbon output of buildings through optimisation and reduction of energy usage

Vacuum Wood Tech excels in advanced wood drying solutions, contributing to efficient and high-quality wood processing.

Vensum Power Oy is leading the way in sustainable energy solutions with a focus on renewable technologies for a greener future. They aim to drive the transition towards cleaner energy sources.

Vitalsigns innovating healthcare through remote patient monitoring for improved outcomes and streamlined processes. Specializing in remote patient monitoring, Vitalsigns leverages cutting-edge technology to enhance patient care and streamline healthcare processes.

Winse Power solves technically critical challenges by delivering energy and data with light. The core of Winse Power technology relies on their own semiconductor chip technology engineered and built in Tampere Finland.



3DPiezoMEMS is a disruptive new approach to fabricating microelectromechanical components introducing simultaneous in- and out-of-plane element motion, which is considered the holy grail of MEMS.

AGATE Sensors is uniting traditional and hyperspectral Imaging on a Single Solid-State Chip. Transforming spectral measurement and imaging technology, bringing you cutting-edge full-spectral measurement and imaging capabilities at your fingertips.

Artemis is a patented way of capturing professional-level, spatial audio and post-processing that enables seamless workflows.

Bubbles with Benefits has invented a group of sustainable sealed air packing materials. This includes a bubble wrap, pacing foam, packing peanuts and air pillows.

Circular Panels (CirPa) aims to address plastic pollution and environmental issues by offering a sustainable alternative to traditional plastic-based indoor acoustical foams.

CloViC is an online web platform for remote and collaborative commissioning that aims at reducing the time, cost, and energy spent on commissioning intelligent automation systems based on the upcoming open automation standard IEC 61499.

Colorific Is a revolutionary detection tool utilizing innovative nanoswitch technology and directly captures analytes from samples. The ability to analyze a wide range of samples, including colored ones, makes the technology suitable for rapid on-site point-of-care use.

CuRen is a revolutionary type of long-duration battery storage based on copper redox flow chemistry. Our batteries can provide over 12 hours of capacity and independently scale capacity and power providing grid-scale and industrial users with greater flexibility in applications.

Inga is developing an intelligent and optimal approach to cervical ripening, enhancing the safety and effectiveness of labor induction. They are developing catheter and sensor system that significantly increases safety, the success rate of labor inductions.

Li-Aku-Rec: Batteries are often described as resource-intensive. However, when burning fossil fuels, they are used once and gone forever. Recycling and reusing batteries mined today will serve generations to come.

Natal Mind is a revolutionary, AI-powered birth coaching program based on the Nordic Method: Clinically validated perinatal journey on your mobile phone.

Otoscreen is an automated system combining audiometry with digital otoscopy and digital care pathway. It collects patient data and automatically transmits it to healthcare professionals for the diagnosis of hearing loss.

OWL (Omnidirectional Wireless Charging) introduces a radically new wireless charging technology that can achieve simple, robust, and efficient charging with fully free positioning capabilities.

PCMI is a temperature self-regulating insulation made from bio-based materials. We offer bio-degradable insulation material made from bio-originating materials instead of current insulation materials made from fossil materials often with poor energy efficiency. makes today’s AI-applications more robust and safe by securing the machine learning models powering them.

Smart Bubbles micron-sized bubbles create contrast for ultrasound medical diagnostics increasing the circulation time to even 1 hour and allowing organ/cell targeting via its surface antibodies, enabling attaching targeting molecules by easy click-chemistry.

Twinbase is a platform for managing digital twins to streamline data and product information exchange between different systems and organizations implementing Digital Product Passports and Semantic Product Data Transfer.

The Urisens diaper sensor improves the care and quality of life of elderly people and their caregivers. It helps to prevent medical complications and reduce healthcare costs.

Visentools’ B2B toolset, epicMeets, comprises a powerful application and physical visualization tools for more effective self-facilitated meetings and workshops.

Wuud offers novel wooden cladding solutions for contemporary architecture. They are developing new mechanical and chemical wood modifying technologies that enable cost-efficient production of embossed surface textures, weatherproofing and fire retardancy.

Come and meet them all During Demo Day! Remember, next March 6th in Aalto Startup Center premises. REGISTER HERE.

Before that, don’t miss A Grid Open! Taking place from 11:00 to 13:00.