Demo Day 2024: meet Urban Tech Helsinki’s startups

The startups from Aalto Startup Center will be at Demo Day next week! What about you? From the Urban Tech Helsinki project, we will have 10 of them!

About Demo Day

Demo Day is taking place in less than a week, on March 6th, and there you will be able to meet Aalto Startup Center’s startup portfolio and Aalto University’s research to business cases.

What you need to know in a nutshell:

  • WHEN? Wednesday, March 6th, from 13:00 – 17:00
  • WHERE? Aalto Startup Center (A Grid building – Otakaari 5)
  • FOR WHO? Open for investors, mentors, startup enthusiasts, and everything in between.



About the 11 Urban Tech Helsinki startups presenting at Demo Day

  • AIIO Keyless Platform

Keyless and passwordless system that work with identified devices without internet and electrical grid.

Cybersecurity problems and costs of key management.

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  • Ekotekt

Ekotekt provides a digital platform integrated with 3D printing technology for creating molds for concrete casting, offering a sustainable, cost-effective construction solution

This innovation tackles the construction industry’s challenges, including high costs, manual labor dependence, material shortages, and significant environmental impacts, by streamlining production processes and reducing material use.

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  • Make a BIM

We use AI to automatically create building information models from architectural drawings. For building owners, their service providers and the building you live in.

95% of buildings are missing usable data. This is a problem when we try to reduce energy consumption of buildings (40% of all energy in the EU) or waste from demolition (37.5% of all waste in the EU). Our innovation is a cost-efficient, scalable and fast way to create the needed data.

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  • Oinride

Oinride’s innovative solution centers around AutoJoe®, a state-of-the-art, agile six-wheel mobile robot designed for safety in harsh mining environments. With a rugged stainless steel build and NASA-inspired suspension, AutoJoe® ensures worker safety while enhancing operational efficiency in mining processes. Complemented by the ControlWire® software, Oinride provides a comprehensive solution that optimizes fleet management, offers real-time insights, and streamlines the entire production process. Oinride is committed to advancing safety standards and driving increased productivity in the mining sector through its cutting-edge robotics and software solutions.

Oinride’s innovation addresses critical challenges in the mining industry by enhancing safety and improving production processes. AutoJoe®, the flagship product, navigates harsh mining environments, prioritizing worker safety while contributing to increased operational efficiency. The integration of ControlWire® software optimizes fleet management, providing real-time insights and streamlining production. Oinride’s solution revolutionizes mining practices, ensuring a safer work environment and maximizing productivity in the industry.

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  • Pictue

Pictue revolutionizes photo documentation with its user-friendly app, streamlining the archival process and enabling real-time transfer to stakeholders. With automated archiving, accessing the company’s visual history is now effortless, saving significant manual work hours. Say goodbye to cumbersome photo management – Pictue offers a centralized repository for all your visual documentation needs, ensuring accessibility within seconds, even for images from years past.

A significant amount of manual work and hours are spent organizing and sharing of images for stakeholders, leading to inefficiencies and time wastage. Pictue provides a user-friendly solution that simplifies the archival process, making it exceptionally easy for field workers to document efficiently. Real-time transfer of archived photos to stakeholders, improving communication and collaboration. The visual history of your company in one place, ensuring that important images are securely stored and easily retrievable, preventing the loss of valuable documentation.

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  • Preloved Coffee

We are a diverse and dedicated team on a mission to catalyze impactful, sustainable change by innovating solutions from spent coffee grounds. Preloved Coffee transforms this waste into a diverse range of premium biomaterials, such as coffee oil, bio-3D printing granules, coffee logs, bio-diesel, textile materials, ceramics, and more. Our sustainable initiatives not only alleviate business expenses but also champion a greener future, actively mitigating climate impact through innovative, eco-friendly practices.

Spent coffee grounds not only impose significant costs on businesses but also pose a serious threat to the environment due to the methane produced during decomposition, which has 21 times the greenhouse gas effect of carbon dioxide. Preloved Coffee transforms this waste into a diverse range of premium biomaterials, such as coffee oil, bio-3D printing granules, coffee logs, bio-diesel, textile materials, ceramics, and more. Our innovative products give a new life to a material previously considered waste, contributing to a circular economy, and mitigating climate change.

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  • Rollyy

Rollyy offers an innovative solution for the last-mile delivery problem in urban areas. Our autonomous delivery robots, powered by advanced technology including 5G, edge computing, and AI, seamlessly navigate city streets. They provide efficient, precise, and eco-friendly delivery services, reducing costs and CO2 emissions. With a unified chassis platform and interchangeable cargo boxes, we offer a flexible and reliable solution that caters to various industries, including retail, e-commerce, shops, and hospitality. This revolutionizes the delivery experience in Smart Cities by optimizing cost-efficiency, precision, and environmental impact.

We are focused on solving the last-mile delivery challenge in smart cities.
– High costs of transportation/logistics
– High timing
– High CO2 emissions

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  • Superhood

Superhood is a social discovery hub for all things local. It helps cities and neighborhoods build communities, and the whole local ecosystems to thrive. Superhood collects, aggregates and geoindexes local information, offers social tools for people to communicate in their neighborhoods, and creates an efficient communications channel for organizations and businesses to reach and engage with local people.

Today local information and community is lost in social media algorithms, local newspapers are dying, and local organizations and businesses are lacking an efficient channel to reach and engage with local people. Superhood is a next generation local media, bringing the local ecosystem together.

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  • Talozen

Talozen is a property management platform designed to streamline the operations of real estate businesses, allowing managers to oversee their operation from a centralised dashboard. By automating workflows and document management, talozen simplifies the process of running a property, ensuring that all tasks are handled efficiently and without oversight. Additionally, talozen provides managers with a clear view of business processes and crucial metrics, enabling them to make data-driven decisions and optimise operations. Lastly, by incorporating smart meter technology, talozen helps reduce energy and water consumption, contributing to sustainable property management practices.

In the real estate business, lack of data tracking and reliance on manual processes and paper documents lead to challenges in identifying operational issues and assessing profitability. Additionally, the absence of energy usage data contributes to unnecessary expenses and inefficient operations.

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Novel wood based construction technology to offer unpresented prefences those can bring sustainability to next level in construction industry; Novel wood engineering powered by vacuum technology
Comparing the whole life span of the building our solution based on energy efficiency (extrme thermal insulation and moisture security) is very price competitive. Vacuum Wood tech prefabricated modules are carbon negative, active and intelligent.

The problems that are solving are:

1) Carbon foorprint of construction industry /Green Building: The construction industry is responsible for over 40% of all greenhouse gas emissions, our products are carbon-negative, energy-efficient, and durable andh they offer unique features that enhance their alignment with sustainable development goals
2) Building Energy Efficiency: Buildings consume more than 40% of total energy, primarily for heating and cooling; our exceptional insulation, including dynamic insulation using vacuum technology, can lead to up to 40% energy savings and by optimizing energy use, we contribute to a more sustainable built environment
3) Buidings moisture security; approximately 50% of buildings suffer from moisture-related issues and urgent moisture checks are recommended for around 40% of buildings. Our innovative solution allows real-time monitoring and moisture removal. We enable carbon-negative, wood-based structures in all environments, even where it was previously impossible. Our technology brings intelligence to building walls, floors, and ceilings
4) Circular Economy in Construction: Our technology ensures long-lasting, real-time monitoring and documentation of element conditions. Elements can be safely reused, and all our materials are recyclable. Together with global partners who share our vision, we can elevate sustainable development in construction.
By collaborating with like-minded partners, we can truly transform sustainable development in the construction industry.

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About Urban Tech Helsinki

Urban Tech Helsinki is an incubator dedicated to cultivating clean and sustainable urban solutions. Their mission is to empower visionary entrepreneurs to transform ideas into thriving startups, with a keen focus on addressing the pressing issues faced by today’s cities.

The aim is to foster innovative ideas into globally successful businesses. In Helsinki’s thriving startup ecosystem, they connect with corporate and investor partners who share a passion for sustainable urban solutions. Addressing global urban challenges is a multi-billion euro opportunity that demands exploration.

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