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Aalto University has a lot of ongoing commercialization cases. Active cases are divided into two categories:

  • Cases which wishes to increase their coverage. They can be for example ongoing Tekes’ TUTL projects or cases in pre-startup phase without their own webpages.
  • Cases which search actively assistance for commercialization. Some of them only need guidance and other ones hands-on commercialization expertise.

Innovation Services is constantly looking for commercially-oriented persons. Every commercialization case is unique and needs for support vary case by case.


Boardio website in one sense is a social media for advisors. Companies announce their needs and interested advisors can apply for the position. Boardio is used in Aalto University among i.a. Innovation Services, Alumni Relations and Startup Services. Innovation Services’ cases which are actively searching assistance are listed in Innovation Services’ pages in Boardio. There’s a short description of each case and its requirements. The applying is organized in Boardio. Innovation Services updates new cases in Boardio’s sites.


All Aalto University’s active cases are listed in Boardio. Applying will require an advisor profile in the system. It’s free and very easy to create. The website uses LinkedIn registration and authentication. New usernames and password are not needed.

Next to the description of each case is an “Apply” button. By clicking it the system makes it possible to send an informal application for the case. Innovation Services will contact the suitable candidates personally.

Commercialization Expert and Startup Mentor

Innovation Services is looking for two types of professionals for it’s commercialization cases and it is case sensitive which type is needed.

  • Commercialization experts who work hands-on in the project. They are capable of creating guidelines for commercialization strategy and implementing them.
  • Startup mentors who give advice to the project team. Their role focuses mainly to supervise the project team.

Did you get interested?

Check out Innovation Services at Boardio. The link to the website can also be found from the control menu above.

Innovation Services will contact the suitable candidates personally.