Research team from the Communications and Networking Department, School of Electrical Engineering, led by Prof. Tarik Taleb

Case profile

The aim is to develop and commercialize a system that enables an individual user or a broadcasting corporate to create a personalized TV channel with a fully customized program and dedicated to a specific audience. Channel owners gain important incentives depending on the size and the activity level of their channel audience. The system also provides commercial brokers with accurate statistics on the viewership of their commercials. The system can support abundance of personalized media services, ranging from online learning to entertainment to personalized online IPTV channels. It defines a new concept of video/channel-centric social networking, connecting individuals interested in viewing the same channel/video and enabling them to interact and socialize around the same video/channel content.

A prototype has been developed. A patent has been filed. It got granted in USA and is still pending in EU and China.

The aim of the commercialization project and timetable

The team is planning to finance the commercialization project by applying for TUTL (New knowledge and business from research ideas) funding instrument provided by Tekes. If the financing is obtained, the project will take place between 5.2015 – 4.2016

The ideal person is capable of creating guidelines for commercialization strategy and implementing them. This gives an opportunity to be a co-founder and a member in the startup team.

TUTL is one of the three funding instruments that Tekes offers to research organizations and universities. During a TUTL project the project group prepares the commercialization of a research idea. The aim of the project is to produce a new start-up company or alternatively a new business area for an existing company. More information from Tekes’ webpages.

Startup mentor profile

The mentor shall have business background, particularly in content streaming, media content production, and/or Ads/commercial brokering. (S)He shall help with building partnerships with online content providers, TV broadcasters, and commercial brokers. Knowledge on social networking and online multimedia platforms are a plus.

This is not a consulting assignment.

Check the startup mentor concept from the following link.

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