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Aalto Startup Center is searching for mentors to improve the performance of our startups. Read more to find out about the criteria.

Mentors at Aalto Startup Center

Are you interested to become a startup’s Mentor?

At Aalto Startup Center we strive to find every startup a mentor that suits their situation, needs, and development stage. We are always interested to grow our mentor network and mentoring gives you, the mentor, access to high potential startups. The goal of mentoring is to improve the long-term performance of startups and to help them to develop their network.

If you are an experienced professional and are interested in mentoring then please apply below, fill in the application, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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For additional queries please contact our Business Advisor, Joel Takala.

What do we mean by a “Mentor”?

We consider a Mentor’s background, know-how, and interests to ensure maximum compatibility. A Mentor will be:

  • A guide and supporter of the startup
  • An experienced professional in various fields and industries
  • Someone who can help a startup to grow with their professional expertise, lending their time and advice
  • Someone who can utilize their own highly valued network to the benefit of the startup company and give them access

Mentoring is voluntary

By being a Mentor you get to decide how much time and effort you will put in. You will need to match your interests together with the startup needs and based on that, decide the schedule for face-to-face meetings.

Mentoring is a relationship

Successful mentoring is based on perseverance, openness, and mutual trust. The process requires two-sided commitment from the mentor and the company being mentored.

How does Aalto Startup Center support our Mentors?

Aalto Startup Center supervises and assists the mentoring by cooperating with the mentor. This is done primarily through one of the accelerator’s business coaches and is designed to ensure the quality of the mentoring.

We also organise various events related to mentoring, of which Mentors are always kept informed. You can also find some of our companies, looking for advisors, in Boardio service.

What’s the process of becoming a mentor?

The process of becoming a Mentor is as follows:

  1. Fill in the form and be contacted
  2. Aalto Startup Center uses a tool to match the Mentor with the right company
  3. The Mentor meets the startups in a personal meeting or through a specific event
  4. The mentoring starts, and the Mentor and the company agree on their individual targets, schedules, and manner of their collaboration
  5. Aalto Startup Center supervises and assists the mentoring through our business coaches