Collaborations – For Business Developers

Aalto Startup Center has numerous commercialization cases which need a Business Developer. You can read more about applying here.

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Business Developers at Aalto Startup Center

Do you want to become a Business Developer for our startups?

At Aalto Startup Center we have numerous commercialization cases, originating from Aalto University, which need of a business developer. These teams are Research to Business cases, part of our pre-incubator program, funded by Business Finland (formally Tutli) , and looking to commercialize their invention or innovation.

Learn more here about the commercialisation process, here.

See existing innovation projects at Aalto Innovation Services, here.

Open Positions for business developers are advertised on Aalto University’s website, here. Alternatively, some of the positions are also announced at the Boardio service, here. You can also subscribe to our newsletter, here.

For additional queries, please contact our Business Advisor, Joel Takala.

Commercialization Principles at Aalto Innovation Services

Aalto University aims at maximizing the impact of new knowledge created by the university activities whilst protecting inventors’ rights in the commercialization process. Aalto Innovation Services advises teams (project) on how to protect the innovation and develop it towards commercialization.

What do we mean by a “Business Developer”?

A business developer is somone who:

  • Is experienced in a certain field related to the Research to the Business case
  • Can create international business from research
  • Can work alongside the team of researchers, academics, and professors to find the best commercialization aspect of the innovation, and prepare commercialisation paths to meet client needs
  • May become part of the new deep tech startup as a CEO or Business Director later on

What’s the process of becoming a Business Developer?

  1. Fill in the application
  2. Select “Business Developer” and add yourself to the pool of candidates
  3. Once chosen, the candidate goes through a normal Aalto University recruitment process with the HR department
  4. The compensation offered to the person will be negotiated separately, and contracts are made on a temporary basis.