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The Business Generator, accelerator program focuses on sustainable research-based and innovative deep-tech startups. The program is open all year-round to Finnish registered deep tech startups which are less than three years old.


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The accelerator program lasts 12+12+12 months, meaning that after 12 months there is an option to take part in an additional 12+12 months if needed.

Our Business Generator program helps your deep-tech startup to scale-up and grow your business, solution, and assets. Our program:

  1. Provides continuity from research to  early-phase startups
  2. Offers relevant know-how and contacts to support deep-tech startups
  3. Elaborates a relevant peer support for deep-tech entrepreneurs in the startup accelerator
  4. Matchmakes deal-flow for investors, corporations and other ecosystem key players

Coaching areas in Business Generator program

There are three coaching areas of the Business Generator program:

  • Asset Development focusses on building the startup’s capabilities. We coach and provide assistance on how to seek funding, create a network and connect with mentors and partners. We also provide guidance in team building, IPR and branding.
  • Business Development looks after the startup’s actions and plans on how to build a healthy, sustainable and growing business. We coach and provide assistance on how to pivot a business model, crystalize a strategy, boost marketing and sales, build a sales pipeline. We also advise on commercialization, go-to-market and Internationalization.
  • Solution Development is focussing on the startup’s core product and/or service. We coach and provide assistance on how to make an MVP or proof-of-concept as well as piloting and validating it. We also advise on product development, product design and roadmapping.

Our premises at Otaniemi campus area

Aalto Startup Center is located in A-Grid HUB at Ontaniemi, Aalto University campus area. Our premises is spread across three floors, and has has several options for your office needs, from hot desking to private rooms (10 m2-30m2). We also offer server room capacity for your startup, if it’s needed.

Aalto Startup Center Premises photos
Aalto Startup Center premises at A-GRID HUB, ONTAMIEMI

Accelerator program fees

All startup members of Aalto Startup Center are part of the Business Generator program and receive access to our business advisors, workshops, events, as well as access to our vast pool of mentors, investors, and ecosystem collaborators.

Aalto Startup Center program fees are:

  • Innovation Passport (virtual client), 150 € + VAT / month
  • Hot-desking in the open space, starting from 200 € + VAT / month
  • Private office room, depending on the size of the room starting from 280 € + VAT / month

PLEASE NOTE: At the end of the contract, members are subject to a success fee related to their net sales of the contract year.


Key research areas Aalto University

As a startup, with or without a background from Aalto University, you may be eligible to join our Business Generator program if your scalable business area is:

  • research-based and deep-tech innovation and/or;
  • focussed on research areas such as human-centered living environments, advanced energy solutions, or health and wellbeing

You are welcome to apply to our Business Generator program. You should meet the following criteria:

  • Solve sustainability challenges and/or are a deep-tech startup
  • Finnish business ID under 3 years
  • Scalable business model
  • MVP, Proof-of-concept or validated concept
  • Team: technical and business oriented co-founders, minimum of 2 FTE

The applications are reviewed and startups accepted continuously.

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