Preparations for Fund Raising

Fund raising strategy is a part of the Business Generator Model at Aalto Startup Center. The process starts with asset development when startups have to build a team, focus on IPR, funding, finance & partnering.

Your startup can get advice on these from us if you are part of the Business Generator Model. 

Finance & Funding matters can be a very difficulty entity for a startup, but the Business Generator at Aalto Startup Center helps startups with these finance and funding challenges. Here is a blog post related to the topic for preparation for fund raising. You can make your own story with us! We’ll help you get in shape and scale up in the Program Journey.

  •  Fund Raising Strategy
    Your team must have clear idea how you see the high level funding roadmap evolving all the way to the exit of the company. Also you should be able to indicate the preferred exit path to the investors.
    The usage of public funding instruments (national & EU level) should be      
    clearly planned, and how this funding is augmented with private (angel and/or VC) funding.
  • Round Parameters
    How much funding are you looking for and what are the terms you are prepared to accept? Valuation is the main issue, but there are numerous other terms, which need to be understood by founders.
  • Fund Raising Documentation
    There is a certain basic set of documents to be prepared, before the funding round is opened.The key ones are:
  • Two liner
    Also known as an elevator pitch. Objective is to get investors to become interested to continue the discussion.
  • One Pager
    Also known as a teaser. Objective is to give investors the highlights of the investment opportunity and the company background.
  • Investor Pitch
    Typically this is a 10-20 minutes presentation covering all the main areas, which are relevant for the investor to assess the investment case against their investment strategy.
  • Pitch Training (with Partners)
    Having the strategy and materials in place is just the starting point for a successful funding round process. One must be able to communicate the investment case clearly and convincingly. Hands-on pitch training is the best way to improve in this matter.

Actual Fund Raising Round

  • Mapping Potential Investors
    It is very important to target the right investors for your fundraising round. Talking to others is waste of your and the investor’s time. In ASUC, we have full access to tools like Pitchbook and Crunchbase, which provide the best background information available.
  • Pitching Events with Partners
    The fastest way to make yourself known is to attend events where you can pitch to the investors. ASUC has several partners who organize these events regularly.
  • Introductions to Angels / VC’s
    ASUC staff has an extensive network of investor connections, and can make introductions for you. However, we are not allowed to attend the meetings with you. That is for you to take care of.

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