Business Generator

Aalto Startup Center runs a Business Generator program for startups in Espoo, Finland. We offer our services to startups at the beginning of their journey. Please join us and make your own story with us!

Business Generator model “From Ideas to Impact” lasts 12 + 12. It is Program Journey (picture 1). Program provides startups with support, coaching, tools and modern, communal workspaces, as well as networks for fundraising. You can make your own story with us! We are part of Aalto University, a multidisciplinary university, where science and art meet technology and business.


Picture 1

The main component of the program is the Business Generator Model (picture 2) supported by co-evaluation sessions with Aalto Startup Center. In this model we prepare your team for business validation and scale up.


Picture 2

Make your own story with us! Please submit your application here.

Our customers are 0-3 year old startups, based on strong technology and/or seeking to leverage Aalto University’s knowledge, network and connections.

See our services, meet our staff and apply now to get “From Ideas to Impact”.