Industrial-based Technologies & Services for the Manufacturing World

Manufacturing is the next focus industry that we are focusing on during Arctic15, more specifically, startups who are offering industrial-based technologies and services for the manufacturing world. Here are four startups teams that will participate in our booth.

We are highlighting four startups in this field of industrial-based technologies and services for the manufacturing world, two of them are part of the European Space Agency- Business Incubator, the other two are examples of research turned into startups from the Aalto Innovation Services.

Addcomposites- ESA Bic Finland

Addcomposites  provides turnkey manufacturing automation solutions to institutes and SME´s through the Hardware-as-a-Service model, enabling high-end manufacturing on an as-needed basis. Addcomposites is a research project spin-off from Aalto University and operates from the European Space Agency Business Incubation Center – Finland.Presently, they are in the seed funding stage and now are looking to close the round by September of this year. In the last few months, Addcomposites has been heavily developing their business strategy and are now gearing up for implementing their go-to-market strategy in Europe this year.

Elfys – ESA BIC Finland

Black silicon absorbing light

Elfys  has photodetector technology with sensitivity that is the best in the world. Their photodetectors have a nearly ideal photoresponse from 200 nm to 1000 nm with ≥ 96% external quantum efficiency. Elfys also started out as a University research project and they were incorporated in 2017 and now are 6 persons team. They are looking for funding in order to speed up their R&D, hire another sales person and endow their working capital.


Fractuscan Ltd provides modern solutions for rock wall risk management in mining and construction industries. Fractuscan’s core business is the application of high-resolution digital photogrammetry and UAVs to produce photorealistic 3D models of the sites to improve site safety, optimize the production, and to facilitate daily activities. Fractuscan Ltd is a spin-off from the university research through the TUTL commercialization project and is in business generating revenue since December 2018. Just recently Fractuscan Ltd received the EIT RawMaterials Startup Booster for pilots and new feasibility tests. At Arctic15, Fractuscan crew is looking for funding for marketing and development.


Circular Devices

Circular Devices  will be unveiling their new product during Arctic 15. The team at Circular devices have been working since 2014 to provide a solution – the PuzzleCompatible* architecture  – that reduces e-waste by providing a licensable modular platform for OEMs to extend the lifetime, customization, and repairability of their devices. This year they have completed the R&D of the first PuzzleCompatible device: the PuzzleIoT “Developers Kit edition”, a modular smart gateway that will allow companies to test and develop their IoT setups on a pre-certified device. Having a pre-certified device means that the clients is steps away from being manufacturing ready. This all proves beneficial for the circular economy, as their hardware product is sustainable (the modules are customizable, reusable, upgradeable, and repairable) without compromising on quality and profitability. They have received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020.


Aalto Startup Center’s booth will combine Aalto Innovations Services and the European Space Agency’s Business Incubator Finland. Aalto Innovations Services will demonstrate its commercialization projects from the research of Aalto University and ESA-BIC Finland will highlight some its space technology cases. Last week, we listed our AI startups who will take part at Arctic15.