AI startups at Arctic15

During Arctic15, Aalto Startup Center is focusing on three different industries at the booth. The first one being artificial intelligence (AI). We are happy to highlight our teams who are working with AI and who will be participating during the conference.

The world of AI is fast and exciting fied that many startups are tackling.
Forethink and VimAI are two startups at Aalto Startup Center who is offering AI technologies and are part of Aalto Startup Center’s Business Generator Program.


Forethink is a startup that wants to improve e-commerce by refining the browsing experience of an online store and the discovery experience. They are solving the issue of turning an internet shopper who is just browsing into a paying customer. They do this with their AI-based 1:1 live personalization and turns the store’s catalog into a “Smart” catalog and thus converting window-shoppers into new purchasing customers.

Forethink is an excellent example of a Finnish government’s effort to encourage multicultural startup ecosystem, being one of the first startups with “Startup Permit” holder.

“Last year, when we went to Arctic15, we had just started our company and we met with a lot of potential clients who were interested in our technology,” says Solip , co-founder of Forethink “This year, we want to show our development and show what we have produced in the last year.”


VimAI enables indoor augmented intelligence by taking advantage of computer vision and machine learning techniques.  By using mobile phones to scan the indoor environments and build 3D models, VimAI uses this visual data to recognize objects and understand the location. This all enables for high precision indoor localization and navigation.

It will be the first time VimAI is participating at Arctic15 and they are looking for their next seed round. VimAI preferred the term “augmented intelligence” as augment intelligence plays more of an assistive role, emphasizing the fact that cognitive technology is designed to enhance human intelligence rather than replacing it.

VimAI is also a classic example of a startup with the “Ideas to Impact” slogan which Aalto Startup Center has as the team was formed via a commercialization research project from Aalto University in 2017. They were recipients of the “Tutli” money and were able to start a company.

Today, VimAI has paying pilot customers and is constantly improving their technology. The three segments customers that they are targeting are industrial organizations, shopping centers, and real estate management.

Take a look at an example of what Vimai technologies can do.


You we will see us in Arctic15. See you there!


Milla Kalliokoski,
Arctic15 Project Manager