Nordic Deep Tech Business Summit

Thank you to everyone who visited our booth and connected with our startups and Research to Business cases! If you want to find out more about them, find their infromation below. Watch the video highlights from the Aalto Startup Center booth below these lines (or here).


On 11 – 12 October at Dipoli, Otaniemi.

Selected Aalto Startup Center portfolio startups and Research to Business cases from Aalto University will be present at an event that connects deep tech startups, research to business teams, research centers, and universities with investors, corporate partners, entrepreneurs, and business developers to create business opportunities.


On Wednesday, 11th October you can meet:

Agate, hentoTouch, NPHarvest, Otoscreen, VacuumWood.Tech, NOSORE, Vitalsigns, Exaum

On Thursday, 12th October you can meet:

Urisens, Milliscan, Visentools, CuRen-M, PCMI, Wuud, MFT, CirPa

The startups pitching on 11th October are:

VitalSigns, Agate, hentoTouch and


Read here the 12 R2B cases and 6 startups that you can meet during NORDEEP Summit:

  • Agate – R2B
    Combining the worlds of traditional CMOS RGB and hyperspectral imaging on a single chip, creating more than 1000 colors per pixel. Leading the imaging technology disruption, bringing hyperspectral imaging capabilities into your palms, drones, cars, and industrial equipment.
  • CirPa – R2B
    Sustainable, lightweight, and fashionable sound management solutions. The circular panels are biobased, lightweight wall panels with tailored surface patterns that maximize noise control and provide aesthetic value as a decorative element. The project operates on circular economy principles by exploiting locally available forest resource side streams to design an unprecedented foam material that can be shaped to meet the customer’s needs.
  • CuRen-M – R2B
    CuRen-M aims to show proof of feasibility for using copper redox flow batteries to supply large-scale energy storage for various use cases tied directly to the increasing adoption of renewable generators. The technology applies copper as an active material to bring more sustainable and efficient long-term energy storage to the energy market. It improves on the standard lithium and vanadium-based battery systems in terms of cost, reliability, and environmental impact.
  • Exaum – Startup
    A Balance Service Provider in the Nordic energy reserve markets. They offer 100% clean, highly available and uniquely flexible power demand response for Transmission System Operators (TSO) to guarantee the robustness and reliability of the national power grids when more green but unpredictable energy is added.
  • hentoTouch – R2B
    hentoTouch is creating a discreet, non-invasive, neuromodulating medical device for alcohol relapse prevention. They aim to be the future of alcohol use disorder treatment.
  • Make a BIM – Startup
    Make a BIM is a scalable and easy-to-use method for generating building information models of existing buildings for building owners. The AI is given images of architectural drawings through the website or the API. After a few seconds the user can download the AI generated IFC format building information model (BIM).
  • Milliscan – R2B
    World’s most convenient people screening system for security operators and government agencies. MilliScan provides a simple imaging system for safe and effective people screening. Their imaging system can detect hidden metallic and non-metallic objects without emitting harmful radiation.
    Nosore includes smart sheet integrated into an active seat cushion, AI software and the user interface in a portable issues device such as a smart phone
  • NPHarvest – R2B
    NPHarvest at its core is a research project aiming to enable efficient and profitable nutrient recycling from waste flows to the (fertilizer) market. Our technological development is at pilot scale and we’re currently working on commercializing our technology. The technology is based on energy efficient hydrophobic membrane stripping for ammonia and ballasted sedimentation of phosphorus with lime.
  • Otoscreen – R2B
    Addressing cases of hearing loss is very important as it is expected to increase significantly by 2050, resulting in a significant economic burden. Therefore, early identification of hearing damage and hearing loss is important to guarantee effective treatment, prevent functional impairment and increase cost-effectiveness. This project investigates solutions that lead to earlier treatment.
  • PCMI – R2B
    A smart, self-regulating, bio-based insulation material. Heat flows as a result of contact between materials with different temperatures. Thermal insulation prevents heat exchange between materials where needed. This makes insulation materials widely important in daily life use for example in electronics, buildings, packaging, etc.
  • Urisens – R2B
    Urisens is a healthcare technology solution that solves a significant need in elderly and long-term care, screening renal function and hydration. Data collection happens remotely, using a low-cost sensor system embedded in a diaper. Urinary data and artificial intelligence assisted analysis will generate clinically useful information.
  • VacuumWood.Tech – Startup
    VacuumWood.Tech takes care of the planet, the people and their property by offering a next-generation bio-based construction element technology for all environments and climates. They do this by combining vacuum technology with high wood engineering and they have global patents pending.
  • Visentools – R2B
    A service for businesses who want more efficient meetings, more engaged and motivated employees, and see the need to improve communication and inclusivity.  It is a groundbreaking business-to-business toolset to increase collaboration and improve communication using visual objects. Unlike traditional collaboration solutions, they focus on how we work and communicate.
  • Vitalsigns – Startup
    VitalSigns reduces the time needed to perform essential examinations to a fraction of today’s time spent, increases diagnostic accuracy and thus making better use of scarce healthcare resources.
  • WorkkiAI – Startup
    An AI Virtual Assistant that helps companies and office workers with mundane and repetitive tasks at work such as email writing, calendar management, data analysis, working with documents, and more. Their goal is to help professionals boost productivity and save time by utilizing artificial intelligence.
  • Wuud – R2B
    WUUD offers novel wooden interior and exterior cladding solutions for contemporary architecture. Their impregnation and embossing methods can be integrated into a single manufacturing process or utilized separately based on the needs of the target construction or refurbishment site.
  • Xpyro – Startup
    Xpyro’s new and innovative fire prevention agents offer a fast, safe and efficient way to prevent wildfires and forest fires. Thanks to it, unforeseen firefighting strategies can be used.

If you want to learn more about these startups and R2B cases, come to our pavilion on NORDEEP Summit, taking place October 11-12. See you there!