Meet the EIT Teams

Here are the 5 teams which are part of the EIT Urban Accelerator Hub North Batch#2

  • Gordian Logistics Optimisation Systems
    Gordian is a DeepTech software startup that makes transport planning easy and effective by untangling millions of movement traces. Their products are based on proprietary movement data analytics and AI. They provide benefits to their customers by making planning easy, interactive, and evidence-based. Plans derived with their products are up to five times more cost-effective than those of their competitors and can result in savings of megatons in CO2-emissions or billions of Euros in costs.
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  • InnoBrain
    With the introduction of autonomous and teleoperated vehicles, drivers are either removed or they control the vehicles from distance. That brings two main challenges during product development and surveillance: 1) Tracking drivers’ performance in teleoperated situations and 2) subjective assessment of vehicles from the passengers’ perspective. InnoBrain offers a Neuro-AI based platform to directly track and evaluate the cognitive and emotional status of teleoperation drivers as well as passengers.
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  • Peregrine Technologies
    Peregrine Technologies is a Berlin-based AI technology company that is improving road safety and minimising CO2 emissions in cities. By deriving context from real-time traffic scene imagery, they prevent and avoid the likelihood of high-risk events in traffic. They automatically remove personal information in imagery, e.g. faces and license plates, making their service GDPR compliant. Peregrine is set out to support drivers and fleet operators to save lives and money.
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  • Skipit
    The world’s first urban mobility app specifically targeted at the travel and tourism market: They empower their users with a “Global Oystercard and Journey Planner”. They grant access to multiple public transport networks and low carbon modes of transport, so their customers can explore cities with confidence and, at the same time, fight climate change.
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  • TELEPORT Mobility AB
    Teleport’s battery swapping system lowers operations costs, minimises environmental impact, and enables increased utilisation of shared electric scooters and bikes.
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Acceleration partners Innovation Hub North: Aalto Startup Center, Aalto University, Helsinki City, KTH Innovation, Stockholm City