Meet the EIT Teams

Batch#3 companies were selected in June 2021!

Aerit- Sweden: is a sustainable drone delivery service. We are improving global access to goods and services through the use of autonomous vehicles.

CoGo – Denmark: gathers shared rides for frictionless mobility and a better tomorrow. With Cogo you have all shared scooters, bike, cars and moped in one app as long as they are human or electric powered.

Nudgd– Sweden: Nudgd makes sustainable choices easy. Nudgd offers digital solutions and advisory within behavioral design and nudging – a friendly push in the right direction using behavioral science and choice architecture. Smart Travel Habits is our digital solution for smart and climate friendly mobility, making sustainable travel choices easy for employees, residents, customers and others.

Theo – Germany: is a tele-operated, emission-free, autonomous bot as a service trike, designed to meet e-bike regulations, maximising functionality and safety. It is, however, swift, light weight and agile enough to run in conventional car lanes and travel around your city without causing congestion.

Zeabuz – Norway: is developing Autonomy-as-a-Service for electric urban passenger ferries. Their autonomous ferries will be low cost, flexible, available for 24/7 operation and integrate with other smart mobility solutions, anywhere.


EIT Urban Accelerator Hub North Batch#2

Acceleration partners Innovation Hub North: Aalto Startup Center, Aalto University, Helsinki City, KTH Innovation, Stockholm City