ZenTreasury’s founder & CEO, Lars Nevalainen, having worked for companies such as Nokia, Huhtamäki, Svenska Handelsbanken and Sanitec, has an extensive background in treasury and finance. He detected a gap in the market when the treasury tool of his then job was full of bugs that seemed to take ages to fix. For example, the system could not cope with negative rates. It was frustrating and he was determined he could find a solution. Being a self-driven person, he learnt how to code and created a new platform which is intuitive to use, cost affordable and quick to implement. 

ZenTreasury was founded in May 2016 and is since part of the Aalto Startup Center program journey. The company benefited by being part of the ASUC network and Lars found his angel investor through the ASUC network.

Founder & CEO, Lars Nevalainen

ZenTreasury’s platform is built mainly for two different markets, the Treasury Management and the Lease Accounting. It offers a scalable solution, it is cloud based and also gives the opportunity to white label their service. It is designed to help businesses run their Treasury and Lease operations by aggregating all their data on one encrypted database, providing a “single source of truth”.

Three years after launch, the company has a strong customer network which is constantly growing and expanding in every continent. ZenTreasury’s platform reputation spreads from its network recommendations’ and positive feedback.

Their vision is to achieve global presence with their cloud-based financial contracts platform. For more information, please visit their website.