Yield Systems

Yield Systems develops machine learning -based solutions for for crop and food value chain enhancement. Jussi Gillberg, one of the founders of Yield Systems, did his PhD studies in computer science at Aalto University and grabbed the opportunity to work in data science and provide plant breeders with machine learning applications. He originally worked with providing field specific recommendations which would help achieve maximum yield, given the microclimate and soil. This is a prominent issue and many projects for AI-based agronomic recommendation have since been launched. In 2017 the current Yield Systems team was formed when Business Finland provided a grant for the commercialisation of the breeding recommendation tool.

In 2018 Yield Systems spinned out from Aalto University and started working on a data generating tool which would be deployed by breeding companies in order to develop crop genetics. Their approach is on very high precision data; analyzing images with machine learning approaches. Currently, Yield Systems is developing a handheld device which has already been tested in Italy and Morocco. There has been positive response from the market and are now engaging in discussions for future development.

As a startup they have to face the difficulty of targeting at a highly technical niche market, with a nature driven cycle. They are aiming for collaborations with partners in other segments where same technical assets can be used. Being part of Aalto Startup Center has enabled Yield Systems to have access to the care-free, hotel-like environment providing valuable support and expert services.

The future near future goal is to initialize sales and get on the funding stage or establish pre-agreements. As the global population will grow by 9.5 billion people by 2050,  we will need 70% more food and a dramatically enhanced crop production R&D process. Yield Systems believes that the climate change -related risks related to food production systems can be avoided and mitigated with sufficient investments in technology combined with political will.

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