Two Men and a Dog game Zombie Catchers downloaded 18 million times (source: Good News from Finland)

“Our motto is to create games that no one has ever imagined”

For this Helsinki-based games studio, tapping in to the zombie zeitgeist has come with a comic twist.

Thanks to the likes of The Walking Dead, these days shuffling hordes of the undead are trampling all over our collective consciousness. Yet, in contrast to this typically sombre take on the zombie myth, Finnish mobile game Zombie Catchers is more intent on tickling funny bones than tearing flesh from them.

“We wanted to make the topic more cartoony; it’s more funny than disgusting,” states Matti Kallonen, CEO of Two Men and a Dog, the studio behind the game. “We played around with the idea that what if the zombies were afraid of you and you would hunt them down. It’s more of a Futurama type of universe, not a bloody one.”

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Two Men and a Dog is an alumnus company of Aalto Start-Up Center.