Do you have a research-based idea you want to commercialize in Aalto University? 

TUTLI-funding round for new projects is now open in Aalto University! Already 26 spinoffs have been created via this funding.

What is TUTLI?

New Business from Research Ideas (TUTLI – Tutkimuksesta liiketoimintaa) is a commercialization funding for research projects which are market-oriented. Business Finland has provided the funding since 2012. The application process differs significantly from other Business Finland’s funding calls because in the first part of the application process the funding application should be pitched to an evaluation jury. The funding also enables and requires a remarkable investment to the preparation of the commercialization.

Aalto Innovation Services support in applying

Business Finland requires that the projects have gone through an evaluating process for commercialization by the applicant organization. In Aalto University, Innovation Services has created an effective and active TUTLI process. One of approved projects from 2016 is Surgify, which develops new kind of safe bone-drilling equipment. “The funding has been a turning point for us in commercializing our innovation” says Visa Sippola, project manager. “We can warmly recommend the smooth and well-designed Aalto process for all researcers. Surgify’s further plans included IP transfer from the university to the spin-off company, Surgify Medical Oy. You can read the Surgify innovation story in the Aalto University Magazine. Surgify is also a Aalto Start-Up Center alumni company and Visa Sippola features in our 20th anniversary video.

Aalto is successful in TUTLI applications

Between 2012 and 2017 total 57 applications from Aalto have been granted TUTLI-funding. Business Finland has received applications from every school and School of Engineering has been the most active. Aalto’s projects have cumulated almost 25 million euros of funding and created 26 new spin-off companies. The average budget of TUTLI funding has been approximately 430 000€. The size of the project budget has been varying from around 200 000 euros up to 1.5 million euros and the maximum duration of the project is two years.

Granted TUTLI funding as per schools in years 2012-2017

Granted TUTL funding as per schools in years 2012-2017

Recent companies established with TUTLI funding and Aalto commercialization process are Iceye OyMinima Processor Oy and Valo Motion Oy (Augmented Climbing Wall).

The TUTLI round is now open for Aalto researchers –info session 22.5. Aalto staff can read the details in intranet. Welcome!