Teraloop develops a cost-effective, grid-scale energy storage system, we provide demand based energy solutions

Established in 2014, Teraloop joined the Aalto Startup Center in 2016 and in 2017 opened the lab in Aalto Innovation House.

Picture of Teraloop's team

What we do: we are a flywheel company where we provide an alternative to batteries, while addressing new markets for energy storage. Flywheel technology is well suited to provide high power  for very short amounts of time. We address niche markets that batteries cannot address.

It’s great because:

  1. It does not age, will maintain its properties for its lifetime of over 25 years.
  2. It is very efficient, as 85-90% of the energy that you put into the flywheel can be recovered, which is an unmatched level in the market in other technologies.
  3. It is entirely recyclable, using common elements like steel and carbon, we are further developing bio-based precursors in order to reduce the footprint of our technology.

Teraloop offers a different approach to enable the energy transition, relying on abundant materials like carbon and steel. Hubless design gives 5-7 times higher amount of energy stored in the rotor than you would have in a conventional flywheel, while allowing to scale up the technology.

With the Horizon 2020 project, our goal is to deploy a technology pilot by 2021 for an array of up to 5MW, making use of devices of up to 100kWh, an unmatched capacity in the market for flywheel technology. Currently we are prototyping a power machine and will be piloting it in 2020.

We are in discussions with large industrial players to act as piloting partners in the UK, Germany and Italy, although we remain open to other partners looking at reducing their carbon footprint while stabilizing their energy load.

The future: Next, we are looking to commercialize our technology by the end of 2021. So far, we have attracted 5.2 million euros in private and public funding. We are targeting UPS applications, and micro grid optimization.

Our experience with ASUC: “It has been amazing to partner up with the ASUC since 2016, we will continue to work with Aalto University for the years to come. That platform has given us access to affordable office premises but most of all it has played a key role in getting access to the tech and entrepreneurial community of Aalto University alongside its qualified workforce. We recommend the ASUC to all early stage innovative companies looking to make an impact.”
Philippe Pepin, COO in Teraloop

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