Talbit – a success story born out of frustration

The idea

In her 20+ year career, Kaisa Savola had started bottling up frustration towards the inefficient Personal Development processes she went through on a yearly basis. Those processes were unable to offer her a concrete development plan, even though she was assigned objectives from the strategy and business requirements.

The development plan was usually created into a form, whether it was Word, PowerPoint or one in a HRM -system. Those plans disappeared into the black hole after the meeting and were only revisited in the next PD -meeting. Usually a year later.

In Aalto EE’s MBA program’s Strategic Human Resource -course led by Kristiina Mäkelä, a light bulb went off in Kaisa’s head and she knew she could turn the frustration into business – to offer a tool for creating individual, concrete and reactive development plans for all employees.

Along came Talbit

Kaisa’s idea came to be known as Talbit. a Software to help companies offer their employees a tool for creating meaningful, concrete and measurable development plans. Through these plans, each employee can contribute autonomously to the company strategy and business operations in the best way fit for that individual, all plans leading to the same goal.

Talbit helps employees to better visualize common goals, which too often are drowned in a sea of Excel-files. For example, Talbit’s gamification features bring motivation for the invidiual to achieve their goals in a little more playful manner.

There is also an employee skill bank to help keep track of individual talents in an organization and a feedback system to encourage self-leadership.

Talbit can be used through a web browser or in Mobile app, which launches in June 2020.

”Web is mostly to use at work. Mobile also, but mobile will work easier when for example visiting a customer and then wanting to easily collect feedback on the visit”, Kaisa Savola explains.

The future is bright

After joining Aalto University’s Aalto Startup Center -program in february, Talbit has been making great strides as a company. It currently employs 3 people and one subcontractor.

Kaisa Savola already has lofty ambitions for Talbit’s next phase.

“Talbit will be the world’s best employee-driven development plan software and will be the most used software by employees (vs current HRM and HRD -softwares, which are mainly used by management and team leads)”, she smiles.