Startups on the look for team members

In search of team Members” was organised and hosted by Helsinki Growth Alliance and NewCo Helsinki on 28th June, 2017

The event was a great networking opportunity for budding entrepreneurs, start-up enthusiasts, and individual talents who are looking to team up. The event opened with a brief introduction about NewCo Helsinki for the first time visitors. NewCo Helsinki is a relatively new service entity established in the year 2014 by City of Helsinki. It aims to support aspiring entrepreneurs and to make their initial journey towards establishing a business less stressful.

Trying to establish a new business can be an uphill battle. NewCo Helsinki offers a platter of varied services for budding and aspiring entrepreneurs. It was followed by start-ups and budding entrepreneurs pitching their businesses for potential business partners and/or team members.

We had some really exciting start-ups pitching for team members like Dalledog Oy and JollyDragon. There were also entrepreneurs looking for business partners and like-minded individuals to team up with. We had about 8 presentations from start-ups and entrepreneurs pitching for team members in total. The event was then open for networking. We hope that the event resulted in some good finds and matches!

Story and photo by Richa Asthana. Richa is an intern at Aalto Start-Up Center for summer 2017.