Startups, do you need help for business development?

From Hanken School of Economics we received this opportunity to get student help free of charge regarding business development for the startups in our community. If this is something that interests you, keep reading to get the details and get in touch with us before January 31st.

Business Development and Venture Capital is a course in Entrepreneurship at the Hanken School of Economics. In the course, students assist entrepreneurs in evaluating the market potential of their businesses and developing strategies for commercialization. 

The students participating in the course carry out assignments that involve, for instance:

  • Market segmentation and customer profiling.
  • Value- and competitor analysis.
  • Market research.
  • Strategy development based on market insight.  

They work in teams of 4 and each entrepreneur that participates in the course will be assigned a student team.

On their part, entrepreneurs are expected to have 2 meetings with their team. In the first meeting, the assignment is discussed with the students. In the second meeting, students provide an account of their obtained results/progress.

The course starts in week 12 (Monday 18.3 – Friday 22.3). On Thursday 21.3, entrepreneurs will give assignments to student groups and at the same time briefly present their business. The course ends in mid-May. 

If this something that you think can be useful for your startup, please get in touch the latest 31.1.2024

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