Startups and Designers Breakfast matchmaking

January 29th 9:00 am to 10 a Meet the designers' breakfast matchmaking

We are inviting design students who are interested in interning in startups to meet our companies. This is a chance to meet with designers who are potentially interested in working with startups.

Location:  Aalto Startup Center first floor lounge
Otakaari 5, Agrid

For Startups:  Come and meet design students from Aalto University who are wanting to join a startup for an internship. These students have a voucher from the University (Read more about

For Designer students:  Come meet the startups of Aalto Startup Center and AGrid who are looking to add a design function to their startup team.

We will have a casual meeting with startups and students over breakfast and coffee.

More info about the vouchers
Aalto School of Arts, Design and Architecture provides Aalto ARTS students grants for internships. The grants are coordinated by Aalto University Career Services. Eligible students receive internship support vouchers, which they can use for an internship in an organization they are interested in. The actual grant is paid to the employer after the internship is over to cover some of the salary costs. The employer is required to pay the intern an amount that is, at minimum, in accordance with Kela’s instructions on minimum salary requirements (1236 €/month in 2020) plus the statutory side costs of the employment. Internships are supported within budget limits. The grant is 600 €/month, maximum 1800 €/ for a 3 month period.

Aalto Startup Center startups are welcome to offer internship opportunities (as well as regular jobs, thesis assignments and project work) for Aalto students in Aalto CareerWeb. Posting job ads does not require registration, and employers can edit the advert later through an ad-specific edit link. Only Aalto students have access to the adverts (up until four months after graduation). Please note that it is important to mention in your internship announcement that you require or wish that the student receives financial support for the internship from the university (i.e. internship voucher).



If you are interested in joining: please contact