Startup Sauna Got a New Director

Picture: Atte Mäkinen

Finland’s central hub for student-run entrepreneurial movement, Startup Sauna, got a new Director of Community at the beginning of the year 2020. An active co-working space is a home for startups and student-run ​Aaltoes​, ​Junction​, ​Startuplifers​, and ​Kiuas​.

As a new Director of Community, Timo Luukkola is now taking care of the Sauna’s student community in general and spreading the word of world-known Startup Sauna.

“My biggest goal is to help these student-led entities fill their missions; keeping up a good collaborative atmosphere and solving obstacles together. After being this building already a few years, I’m happy to tell visitors how we managed to create all this.”

Timo has gained experience around entrepreneurship since he started his own company at 15 years old. After starting his studies in Information Networks, in Aalto University, he walked in from Startup Sauna doors the first time in November 2015. That was the start of a four years long volunteering in different roles, including ​FallUp​, ​Dash​, ​Kiuas​, and lately, the President of Aaltoes​. Timo has also been involved in ​Junction ​and ​Slush​ the past years.

“This community and these students have shown what is possible to achieve if you believe in yourself and collaborate. There are no other places like Startup Sauna, and people are coming all-around to the world to experience it.”

Timo believes that one of the reasons for successful past years is independence and smart collaboration.

“​Aalto University​ is giving us this possibility to work with these projects. The support, freedom, and understanding we got from their side are priceless. Startup related stuff is happening all around the Aalto campus.”

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Timo Luukkola, Director of Community. Picture: Mari Liukkonen

Writer: ​Timo Luukkola