Slush 2022

Aalto Startup Center will be part of Slush 2022, which will be held on 17th - 18th November, at Helsingin Messukeskus.

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Aalto Startup Center will be part of Slush 2022, which will be held on 17th – 18th November, at Helsingin Messukeskus. We will present 11 Research to Business cases and alumni startup at Aalto University’s booth 7B,11 next to the main stage.

Our partner program ESA BIC Finland will also be having their own booth, 7A.7 with alumni startups and other cases with from the European Space Agency – ESA.

Urban Tech Helsinki, Aalto Digital Creatives ans startups from our own Business Generator program  have also a presence at Slush, you could meet the team at the booth. You are warmly welcome!

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Meet our teams at Aalto University’s booth, 7B.11:
Thursday, 17 November, 10.00-14.00  //  Thursday, 17 November, 14.00-18.00
Aldel                                                          Design AI
UCT-DC                                                     Battery Monetizer
MilliScan                                                    SoihtuDTx

Friday, 18 November, 10.00-14.00     //    Friday, 18 November, 14.00-18.00
hentoTouch                                                Dry and Durable
Immunate                                                   Ioncell
mTMS                                                        NPHarvest

Read more of what happens at Slush booth at Aalto University’s landing page:

Aldel: Data is growingly everywhere – and so are data centres, the so-called airports of data transportation around the world. Data centres require a lot of energy which is why energy-saving solutions are more than needed in the industry.
Aalto-based project Aldel has created a new solution through silicon platforms so data centres can create higher power efficiency, making them more sustainable than ever.

Design.AI : Artificial intelligence is taking over – this time, design. Aalto-based project Design.AI has created an AI-based Assistant for UI designers. The solution revolutionizes both the productivity and creativity of designers and enables new paradigms for the design process.
The solution first analyses user interface designs and gathers feedback from users. Then, it self-designs the interfaces to make any user interface more user-friendly. The solution is capable of moving, changing and editing user interfaces without the need for an actual designer.

UCT-DC : Data, data, data – with remote meetings and higher-than-ever streaming consumption, the world needs smart solutions for making data transferring more sustainable. Aalto-based project UCT-DC – ultra-compact optical transceiver for data centres – is developing a small, photonics-based data transceiver in a new form: a silicon chip.

MilliScan: You can’t hide from MilliScan – the new wave imaging project from Aalto University that is able to see what you’re really wearing behind that shirt. MilliScan is able to search for hidden objects in security screening applications, such as in the airport, through its innovative product.
MilliScan uses a dispersive hologram connected to a high-speed integrated millimetre-wave transceiver and neural network. The neural network interprets reflections and translates them to the screen as real-life objects.

Immunate: Immunotherapy is one the most efficient ways to cure cancer – but it still can’t be used for a large proportion of patients. Enter Immunate, an Aalto-based research project building a more efficient way to identify patients who will benefit from the treatment.

Dry and Durable: Aalto-based research project called Dry and Durable has developed state-of-the-art superhydrophobic surfaces to make ultra-long-lasting surfaces that can literally, “take it all”. Made out of metal, glass, or ceramic, with a honeycomb-like pattern the surface technology prevents any liquid from sticking to it and protects the surface through wear and tear.

hentoTouch: We are creating an unobtrusive, non-invasive, neuromodulating medical device for alcohol relapse prevention. Our team is at full speed developing hentoTouch into a medical breakthrough that will significantly improve patients’ lives and also generate considerable social-, occupational- and healthcare cost benefits.

mTMS conducts research on three interconnected areas: the group carries out neurophysiological experiments and develops methods for TMS–EEG signal analysis as well as instrumentation for TMS.
We develop new technology for transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) to improve targeting accuracy, pulse-shape control, and closed-loop target and timing adjustment based on real-time feedback.

NPHarvest: Have you heard of the nutrient cycle yet? In a nutrient, cycle matter is recycled back to production. Recycling, in short, makes the most use of our natural resources. ️
New Aalto-based project NPHarvest harvests nutrients back from waste flows and re-introduces them to markets. NPHarvest has developed a new, ground-breaking method for recovering nitrogen and phosphorus from different liquid waste fractions, creating efficient and profitable nutrient recycling.

Battery Monetizer’s new project aims at utilizing the full potential of any battery for as many purposes as needed – and saving natural resources on the way. Battery Monetizer’s solution applies a novel combination of modeling and artificial intelligence to optimize a battery’s usage plan for the day ahead.

SoihtuDTx had developed a new ground-breaking way to treat depression – with the “game of depression”. This innovative game will in the future both alleviate the symptoms of depression and strengthen the players’ cognitive performance.

 Urban Tech Helsinki will be presenting at these side events:
Day -1: