Press Release: Taking fluent mobility to a more sustainable level – New startups of Accelerator programme led by Aalto University aim to open up urban knots

Under the tutelage of Business accelerator Aalto Startup Center, five international startup companies aiming to transform urban mobility to be easier, more efficient and more environmentally-friendly, will begin their journey this month.

In the application process for the EIT Urban Mobility Accelerator programme’s Innovation Hub North, around 60 startups submitted their applications before last November’s deadline. Of these, five companies made the cut to participate in the accelerator programme’s first batch of 2021: Skipit from Denmark, Peregrine Technologies from Germany, and from Sweden, Teleport Mobility, Gordian Logistics Optimisation Systems and CogniUse registered by InnoBrain AB. Activities of the accelerator programme’s innovation hub North are governed in tandem by Aalto Startup Center and the Stockholm-based KTH Royal Institute of Technology university and they are implemented in close collaboration with other key partners, the cities of Helsinki and Stockholm.

EIT Urban Mobility Accelerator is an EU-funded programme working under the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), for early-stage startup companies whose business idea is based on making the transport system more efficient and thus make urban mobility easier for citizens. Through innovations of startups participating in the accelerator programme, the aim is to reduce urban congestion and streamline commuting – with solutions having an extra requirement of being as climate-smart as possible.

“The aim of the accelerator programme is to engage people, connect communities and accelerate market opportunities by creating new business through innovation. Rapid urbanization has posed great challenges for mobility and citizens need more intelligent and efficient services in urban environments. The City of Helsinki, as that of Stockholm, is a vitally important partner for the programme – both are involved in evaluating concept ideas and can aid startup companies in possibly testing their services in real operating environments. One of the programme’s greatest strengths lies in that close city collaboration makes it possible for startups to test their ideas in so-called Living Lab testing environments,” says Project Manager Bengt Forsström.

Numerous benefits for selected startups

The European-wide accelerator programme is divided geographically into five different regions, with Finland being a part of the Northern innovation hub together with regions north of Northern Germany and Poland. Each hub selects a batch of five startup teams twice a year for their 6-month long regional programme.

In addition to professional mentoring and contacts with investors and customers, each startup will receive 15,000 euros in equity-free funding, office or co-working space for 6 months, possible access to real-life local environments and infrastructure for creation and testing of products and services, and an opportunity to meet other actors of the EIT ecosystem.

”The five startup companies were selected based on the clarity, scalability and innovativeness of their business idea that helps solve an existing mobility-related customer problem hindering the lives and mobility of urban citizens. We have high hopes for the development work done within the accelerator programme having a great impact on further improving urban logistics and services supporting people’s mobility. Special attention will be paid to safety and environmental friendliness when developing innovations,” Project Manager Bengt Forsström says.

EIT Urban Mobility is dedicated to accelerating solutions that improve our collective use of urban spaces, while ensuring accessible, convenient, safe, efficient, sustainable and affordable multimodal mobility. This is done by rethinking urban spaces, overcoming fragmentation by integrating all urban mobility players – including cities and citizens – and increasing social inclusion and equality. By accelerating the products, services and processes for cities, EIT Urban Mobility will reimagine collective and individual mobility, shaping it according to local needs, supporting communities and stimulating the economy. 

Fact: New Startups of EIT Urban Mobility Innovation Hub North

Gordian Logistics Optimisation Systems
Gordian is a DeepTech software startup that makes transport planning easy and effective by untangling millions of movement traces. Their products are based on proprietary movement data analytics and AI.
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With the introduction of autonomous and teleoperated vehicles, drivers are either removed or they control the vehicles from distance. InnoBrain offers a Neuro-AI based platform to directly track and evaluate the cognitive and emotional status of teleoperation drivers as well as passengers.
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Peregrine Technologies
Peregrine Technologies is an AI technology company that is improving road safety and minimising CO2 emissions in cities. By deriving context from real-time traffic scene imagery, they prevent and avoid the likelihood of high-risk events in traffic.
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The world’s first urban mobility app specifically targeted at the travel and tourism market. They grant access to multiple public transport networks and low carbon modes of transport, so their customers can explore cities with confidence and, at the same time, fight climate change.
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Teleport’s battery swapping system lowers operations costs, minimises environmental impact, and enables increased utilisation of shared electric scooters and bikes.
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