How to pitch with Mike Bradshaw

On Monday, Aalto Start-Up Center hosted a workshop for researchers by pitching coach Mike Bradshaw.

Mike Bradshaw is an expert on pitching business ideas and is a longtime partner of Aalto University. He was joining us to deliver an insightful talk about pitching business ideas and how to do it right.The pitching coaching was specifically held for Aalto University researchers planning for applying TUTL- funding from Tekes

The session covered the essential insights on how to go about pitching your business idea when the clock is ticking. The focus of the talk was to emphasize how to give a logical flow to your pitch, in a limited time frame for your subject audience. The talk revolved around the following pointers:

  • How to alter your pitch in order to appeal to the varying audience
  • Which answers investors are interested in
  • What usually goes wrong
  • Your approach towards future market predictions
  • The importance of representing your team well and Team balance
  • How nothing is ideal and unpredictability is a major player

Along with the above, how you open your pitch and your body language contributes to the quality of your pitching. Often, ‘the team’ is an ignored segment of the pitch and you will be amazed on how much it matters when you are trying to sell your business idea. Answering why you are motivated to do what you are doing, conveys a lot more than what you may assume. Another important part of the pitch is to be able to convey your audience that you have a balanced team.

Story and photo by Richa Asthana. Richa is an intern at Aalto Start-Up Center for summer 2017.