Minea, a New Community Director in Startup Sauna

Finland’s central hub for the student-run entrepreneurial movement, Startup Sauna, has a new Community Director from December 2020. An active, co-working space is a home for startups, and student-run ​Aaltoes​, ​Junction​, ​Startuplifers​, and ​Kiuas​.

As a new Community Director, Minea Erviö is now taking care of the Sauna’s student community in general and representing Startup Sauna globally and nationally. Minea supports Startup Sauna’s in-house entities by coordinating negotiations, providing technical help, and keeping up the feeling of community with different events. She is also in charge of common community projects and being the contact person between Startup Sauna and the university.

“I think that the student-led entities at Startup Sauna are one of the coolest in Aalto University, and keeping up the atmosphere that helps them grow and prosper is my top priority in this role.”

Minea started her studies in Aalto University back in 2017 as a Bachelor’s student in Computer Science. Since then, she has been a bit distracted from her studies with all the amazing things happening in this Startup Sauna community.! Despite being a Computer Science major, her interests lie in innovating new solutions in the digital service field and finding new ways for companies to utilize technology in their operations. In the fall of 2020 she started her second degree in Aalto School of Business to broaden her knowledge and help her with this goal.

Minea is an experienced global program developer. She worked in Junction as the Head of Global Operations in 2019, where she was in charge of operating, leading and developing the global JunctionX program as well as overseeing several projects worldwide. As a part of her job, she was building global relationships with different event organizers, partners and other stakeholders, and developing the global event strategy. 

“When I was working in Junction, I noticed the global interest in the student-lead entrepreneurship scene, and how Aalto University really is a forerunner in this. Our community really is something unique, and I wish to spread the word of the outcomes of this way of working.”

“Startups are the leading way to get more innovations and solve problems in our society! Stay awesome and enthusiastic, and keep up the great work!

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Minea, Community Director in Startup Sauna