Meet RoboMed, a MedTech startup in Aalto Startup Center’s Business Generator accelerator program!

Read our interview and learn more about RoboMed, a MedTech startup in Aalto Startup Center’s Business Generator accelerator program.

RoboMed’s solution is directed to the need of non-invasive solutions for the biopsy of the intestine with a robotic capsule.

A non-invasive solution which avoids the traditional method’s various side effects of surgery, wound, anesthesia, and radiation. In RoboMed’s solution, a pill-sized robot is swallowed by the patient and performs biopsy and endoscopy simultaneously for diagnosis and prevention of intestine disease, disorders, and cancers. Our primary customers are hospitals, clinics, medical centers, endoscopy centers and internal organ specialists to use this for prospective patients.

RoboMed helps with the diagnosis and detection of various diseases such as Crohn’s Disease, Celiac Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, colorectal cancer and tumors. Early diagnosis and detection will reduce medical costs for treating before it reaches the critical stage and prevent it. This is going to help to indicate and identify suspected patients at the early stages of the disease before it becomes progressed and serious.

RoboMed is in the process of ISO13485, QMS establishment, and clinical trials to apply for a CE certificate aimed at Nordic countries and the whole EU in the first phase. Their innovation is patented, the first prototype is already launched and they have ongoing negotiations for supply chain and custom-based equipment. The next phase would be ASEAN countries and the Middle East.

There was an emerging market, estimating 10 billion Euros for GI biopsy in 2021 with a CAGR 7.5% and for wireless capsule endoscopy, market cap touches 500 million Euros with a CAGR 9.5%. The rapid growth of geriatric around the world, consuming fast food, drinking, smoking and other bad habits are the key drivers for the future market.

What is your impact in society?

RoboMed: The primary impact is saving human lives, alternative and applicable solutions for the medical doctors, non-invasive solution availability for the patients and a more diagnosed society are achievable. Added to this cheaper and lower price of diagnostics availability make it more popular and affordable to the society.

What is your impact in users and customers?

RoboMed: It’s a non-invasive solution with a simple and user-friendly procedure for the users while the side effects are minimised. It avoids various side effects in a pleasant way for the prediction and prevention of the gastrointestinal tract.

What are your Sustainable Development Goals and why?

MedTech-SDG-3RoboMed: Our main vision and mission is to save lives, help human beings live safer and healthier by bringing advanced technologies into medical devices. This is targeting SDG 3 Good Health and Well-Being for promoting well-being to humans and ensuring healthy lives.


How will people’s lives change with your innovation?

RoboMed: A life could be saved, diseases could be prevented, a symptom shall be predicted by monitoring and sampling of the small intestine, one of the most inaccessible organs of the human body.

What kind of benefits and help have you gotten from Aalto Startup Center / this ecosystem?

RoboMed: We’ve had various meetings, discussions and technical sessions with professionals and elite members of Aalto Startup Center in terms of progression and growth as well as critical advice, financing, networking, confronting opportunities and challenges and business development. Aalto Startup Center offers support and we hope to get more of that in the future for commercialisation, internationalisation and branding.

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