Meet Nosore, a MedTech Research to Business case in Aalto Startup Center’s Pre-Business Incubator program!

Read our interview with business developer Martti Vakkala and learn more about Nosore, a research based MedTech case in pressure ulcer care in Aalto Startup Center’s Pre-Business Incubator program.

Nosore-medtech-ulcer-healthNosore is developing a preventive solution against pressure ulcers. Pressure ulcers kill bedridden and wheelchair patients and causes massive costs to health care. The users are spinal cord injured patients who have an increased risk of getting pressure ulcers.

Pressure ulcers may start forming in just a few hours and they are often unnoticed by care people. Pressure ulcers are unfortunately very common, every third spinal cord injured personnel will get pressure ulcers. Nosore is developing a smart sheet with embedded sensors which automatically identifies the elevated risk pressure ulcer. After identifying a risk of pressure ulcers, the system automatically activates preventive action. 

The market situation now and the next steps

Nosore: We are aiming to target hospital and wheelchair distribution markets. We are currently seeking industrial partnership with sensor and wheelchair cushion developers. Pressure ulcer detection device market is estimated to be 26 billion USD by 2032. We believe wheelchair pressure ulcer detection device market will be same size as wheelchair cushion market, growing to 989 million USD by 2027.

Our impact in society and customers

Nosore: Pressure ulcer treatment cost for healthcare is about 500 million euros in Finland annually. Nosore aims to reduce the treatment cost by preventing the formation of pressure ulcers. Pressure ulcers are a painful and stressful experience for patients and can cause a decline in their overall health. Thanks to our innovation, wheelchair users may live trouble free life without fear of getting pressure ulcer.

Our Sustainable Development Goals

Nosore: Pressure ulcer treatment is expensive and preventive mechanisms will save a lot of tissue healing, other clinical material and energy.

MedTech-SDG-3SDG 3 – Good Health and Well-being*: Our innovation prevents pressure ulcers and aids in the good health and well-being of bedridden and wheelchair patients, who are at risk of developing pressure ulcers.


MedTech-SDG-12SDG 12 – Responsible consumption and production*: By preventing pressure ulcers, our innovation is contributing to responsible consumption by reducing the amount of clinical material and energy used for pressure ulcer treatment.

*Source: United Nations:

How people’s lives will change with our MedTech innovation

Nosore: Wheelchair patients may continue working, studying and continue life without having to stay in bed for a long period of time due to pressure ulcers. In addition many lives would be saved, since pressure ulcers can be lethal.

Our distinctiveness factor

Nosore: Nosore is currently the only automatic end to end solution preventing pressure ulcers in the market. There is a clear need for this innovation in the MedTech field and in aiding bedridden and wheelchair patients live a healthy life without pressure ulcers.

The benefits and help we have gotten from Aalto Startup Center

Nosore: We have received valuable mentoring for technology and business, training for business & medical subjects as well as contacts for developing partnerships.

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