Lean Service Creation Day in Aalto Learning Center 14.6.2017

Lean Service Creation Day was held on 14th June in collaboration with Start North, Helsinki Growth Alliance and Futurice at Aalto University Harald Herlin Learning Center. Futurice is one of Aalto Start-Up Center's alumni companies.

The Lean Service Creation Day was a full day workshop where one could get hands on experience with working on Lean Service Creation model. An interesting mix of people, from different backgrounds, made the event all the more enthralling. The large group of around 200 people attending the event were divided in teams of 4. Each team had an experienced facilitator to keep the teams on the right track. The versatile groups of students, start-ups and experienced professionals made a great catalyst for brain storming and keeping the ideas flowing – an essentiality for the lean service creation model.

Having been a part of the event myself, I can say with conviction, the workshop was a great success among the participants and everyone seemed to have gone home with some learning and useful networking.

My key learnings from the event:

  •  Love the problem not the solution
  •  Multi-disciplinary teams are the key to creativity
  •  Fake it till you make it
  •  Build – Measure – Learn
  •  How to initiate a positive culture change in your organisation?
  •  Facilitate processes that create working solutions for real problems

I would like to add that the Lean Service Creation model focuses on the unlimited potential of user-centric service and product development. The entire process supports iterative and experimental way of product and service development which is very welcoming to new ideas and creativity. The event ended with a barbeque in the rare Helsinki Sun.


Story and photo by Richa Asthana. Richa is an intern at Aalto Start-Up Center for summer 2017.