Lean methodology helps you validate your business idea quickly

If you are an entrepreneur or a startup and struggling to get the right audience and customers, I would acclaim Lean workshop hosted by Digirockstars at Microsoft Flux is one of the best workshops to be present and this will be an interesting article for you.  

Digirockstars specialize in lean methodologies, and help ideas turn into global startups. Microsoft Flux is a fun Finnish startup community that helps startups succeed giving them access, among other things, to free network, high tech devices, networking events, and coaching. They host a workshop every week at Microsoft Flux in Helsinki and in Tampere at CrazyTown

Our hosts Oki Tåg and Steven Ballino were two avid individuals.  As we took our coffee and settled ourselves in the meeting space, Oki began with introducing us to lean theory and why we should adapt it.

Lean Methodology is a principled approach to new product development. It focuses on entrepreneur’s summarizing their hypotheses in a framework called the business model canvas. This is how company creates value for its customers. Second, it helps to find early adopters, and how do we recognize them.

Subsequently, Steven made us do a small exercise, where our initial approach was creating Customer Personas to find out how our customers looked like, then to engage them and find out if they have a problem your product solves. Our fundamental objective is to find if these potential customers have an actual problem and is our solution the right fit for them along with them having financial resources to try our solution.

One essential thing to remember while interviewing individuals or companies is that don’t talk about your idea and focus on the past and current behavior but rather focus on the future actions which are hypothetical.

I can continue writing few more pages giving an in-depth insight about the workshop, lean methodology and unabbreviated process, but, I would rather suggest you guys to visit one of their workshops.

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Story and photo by Shreeja Shukla. Shreeja is an intern at Aalto Start-Up Center