Knights of Slush Pitch’n’Brunch in Aalto Start-Up Center

The purpose of the event was to present a selection of rising startup stars of Espoo Innovation Garden for global investors.

Almost a hundred international investors and dozens of startups were invited to the annual Knights of Slush brunch event, which took place in Aalto Start-Up Center on November 30th.

On-site, there were various organizers, investors, people from different countries and companies or entrepreneurs who held presentation about their company. The delicious Scandinavian style brunch was organized by Espoo Catering. Otaniemi-based brewery Fat Lizard was also part of the event with beer tasting together with Entocube’s various kinds of insects.

Ari Huczkowski from Espoo Innovation Garden began the event with a few words as the host of the event. Dr. Willem Jonker, CEO of EIT Digital shared interesting ideas about how to build and reach a global European platform. CEO Jaana Tuominen from Espoo Marketing also held some welcome words and told the visitors about the city.

12 companies were present to present their ideas: Omegawave, Wello, Flexound, Puzzlephone, Toroidion, Teraloop, Meallogger, Broadbit, CollectiveCrunch, Sensible 4, Mesensei and Hefio. After the presentation, Ari Huczkowski threw around a Catchbox microphone cube, asking questions to those who held the presentation who could meet with an investor interested in their business and ideas. After the event, the investors and companies  continued to attend the first day of Slush in Helsinki.

Organizers of Knights of Slush Pitch’n’Brunch included Espoo Innovation Garden and Lifelearn Platform with several partner companies. 

Article and photos by Anna Sandlund, a trainee with Floud, one of Aalto Start-Up Center’s customer companies.