Information sessions on entrepreneurship – YritysEspoo&NewCo Helsinki

Our intern Ilham is finishing her five-month period in Aalto Start-Up Center. To encourage entrepreuneurship in her future career, we sent her to hear more about the basics in YritysEspoo as wel las NewCo Helsinki.

Information sessions on entrepreneurship

YritysEspoo Session topics: 

  • EnterpriseEspoo (YritysEspoo)
  • Many routes to entrepreneurship
  • Setting up a business
  • Business plan
  • Financing a start-up
  • Forms of enterprise
  • Entrepreneur’s social security

YritysEspoo is a service provider for people who are planning to become entrepreneurs as well established businesses.YritysEspoo provides support from developing the business idea to finding contacts.

The session presented by the business advisor Irene Matinpalo.

NewCo HelsinkiStarting a company” info session topics:

  • Introduction of NewCo Helsinki services
  • Business idea
  • How to start a business?
  • Financing
  • Profitability
  • Forms of enterprise
  • Taxation; VAT and prepayment of taxes
  • Insurances
  • How to prepare Business Plan
  • How to apply Start up –grant from TE-services

The mission of NewCo Helsinki is to increase the number of business in the Helsinki area by offering services that help entrepreneurs both in the beginning of their journey and when they are seeking growth for their business.

The session presented by the business advisor Roger Törnblom.

After these amazing session we got very important informations that will help us  if we want to establish our own business in the future.

Story and photos by Ilham Lasseq. Ilham is an intern in Aalto Start-Up Center.