Inforglobe – Building Common Understanding

Inforglobe was established in early 2016 as a spin off from Aalto University’s Systems Analysis Lab and CMI. Inforglobe joined ASUC in 2018 whilst we were going to market phase. We were income funded from day one and half a year into the entrepreneurship we had paying customers, Elisa being our first and today reaching to 50 paying clients. The company is continuously growing.

What we do: We have created a participatory decision software which assists organisations, both in the private and public sector, in participatory risk management and strategy processes where it is beneficial to engage lots of people and experts in risk assessment plans. Currently we are focusing in the construction sector and consultancies. Starting the scale up phase soon, aiming to capture the Finnish and Nordic construction sectors and then expand further. The tool is going to be featured in social media for marketing exposure, having already gained attraction. We are in the phase of productizing the product properly .

Our aim to offer common understanding in difficult decision making situations where you do not always have the one right choice of decision of what to do so it is important to understand the different perspectives which engage people into the decision making process.

The application areas of the tool are: Risk management, evaluation of quality assurance, prioritisation of different options, and strengthening the cooperation within the organization.

Why ASUC? It offers guidance in understanding the market so that can build up the strategy and vision of the company, and assisted with their funding needs.

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