Hardware Startup Meetup – Sports and Well-being

Hardware Startup Meetup was organised by Hardware Startup Finland Ry on 20th June at Helsinki Think Company.

The meetup was organised for startups, startup enthusiasts and young professionals who are interested in developing a physical product or are already in the process. It was a great event targeting the products in sports and well-being market. We had 5 highly experienced speakers from corporations like Omegawave, Moodmetric, Digital Health Solutions, Eficode and a very promising start-up Kick.AI.

The key topics of discussion are listed below:

Fashion design influence in Hardware

Hardware for hi-performance

Working with athletes to create a product

Enriching sensor data with real-time analytics

Data is the new oil

One of the most interesting discussions revolved around how the challenges of hardware start-ups are different from the start-ups which are service providers. The speakers also stressed the fact that knowing your customer is a key and going that extra mile for your customer always pays off. Pekko Vehviläinen, “the most Quantified Man in Finland”, could not stress more, how the key lies in data and data transparency is the way to go. Some insightful discussions happened around the current activity/fitness trackers market. The event ended with some bonding and networking over pizza and beer.

Story and photo by Richa Asthana. Richa is an intern at Aalto Start-Up Center for summer 2017.