Farewell – Hyvää jatkoa!

It is my last day of Internship at Aalto Start-up Center and I realise that time does fly when you are having a good time. I started my internship in June and here I am writing a farewell message.

My expectations were high as the name of the building read “Open Innovation House”. I am very happy to say they were duly met. It is very assuring and pleasant to see the strong start-up culture that is being build day by day in Finland. Aalto Start-up Center is a great place for an intern as it offers learning at many levels. It is an opportunity to actually peep into the start-up life and have a little taste of it. There are open mentoring sessions and various start-up events you become a part of which are very inspiring. Along with imparting skills required at work place, Aalto Start-up Center is a great place to educate yourself with all the innovation that is happening.

I would like to thank all my colleagues who contributed in the learning process I went through this summer. It was great working with you guys and I wish the best for Aalto Start-up Center Community. I will like to extend a special thanks to the ladies – Kaisa Ahonen, Marika Paakkala and Katri Turkkinen who made my time here joyful and easy.

I had a great run with Aalto Start-up center and I look forward to be associated with the organisation in future. I am on the look for a new work opportunity and will like to work in the marketing communications side. My personal email id is and please feel free to connect also via LinkedIn