Urban Tech Helsinki: Startups Solving the Sustainability Challenges of Cities


Urban Tech Helsinki is an incubator for clean and sustainable urban solutions. We help you turn your business idea into a growth-oriented startup that focuses on solving the challenges of modern cities. Together with our partners City of Helsinki, we are happy to show Designs for a cooler planet with a twist from Urban Tech startups.

The webinar will share the innovative success story of Aalto and Helsinki striving together for a better future for sustainability, with the contribution of our startups. Our specialist network will guide you to the main themes of urban tech: urban development, circular economy, clean energy, smart mobility, urban farming and urban wellbeing.

  • Kaisa Ahonen, Aalto University
  • Laura Forsman, University of Helsinki
  • Mira Jarkko, City of Helsinki
  • Juho Kostiainen, City of Helsinki
  • Peeter Lange, Forum Virium Helsinki
  • Anna-Stina Tähkävuori, Metropolia UAS

Our portfolio startups will showcase their innovations and ideas. We also share our unique cooperation story with Helsinki Design week, where children design a city of the future. The event will be ended with notes from the Deputy Mayor of the City of Helsinki, Ms. Anni Sinnemäki.

Event online on Youtube