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Business Development: Designing a Startup Marketing Playbook

April 17 @ 09:00 - 12:00

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  1. What are 2-4 key business targets for your startup over the next 6 months and 1 year?
  2. Can you have a think about 1-2 companies who are trying to solve the same problem that you are? Have a look at their websites to see how they present themselves.
  3. And finally, can you brainstorm a bit on your ideal customer, partner, and investor? Who are they? Where might they hang out online and offline?


OPEN TO ALL OUR PROGRAMS. In this training you will get to know the marketing concept and what needs to be taking in to the consideration when planning the marketing process in a properly and effective way. Start the process here to make your own company marketing playbook. Welcome to a workshop tailored to tech startups, aimed at transitioning from marketing theory to marketing in practice. Here’s a glimpse of what will be covered:

  • Strategic Planning for Results

– Discover how to convert your business goals into practical marketing plans. – We’ll take into account both the short and long term, and how marketing can assist you.

  • Understanding What. Why. How and Who

– Explore the framework and why it’s vital for your marketing strategy. – We’ll pay special attention to the often overlooked final ‘W.’

  • Effective Marketing Channels

– Get basic tips and insights on Owned Media and Earned Media and how to leverage these important channels.

  • Creating a Marketing Budget

– Finally, we’ll dive into marketing budgeting, what things cost, and where to invest. Join us to simplify your startup’s marketing strategy and take practical steps tonerward success.

Opportunity to book one2ones after the session. Slots 1/2 h between 13-16:00

Trainer: Ann Sarimo Founder & CEO

Host: Ari Seppänen


Aalto Startup Center, Otakaari 5 I, A Grid, I-Wing, 4th Floor