Don’t miss the hottest Demo Day of the year and meet our innovative cases from Aalto’s ecosystem!

March 8th, 2023
13:00-16:00 at the premises of Aalto Startup Center, Otakaari 5A, Espoo.

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A day for startups, investors, mentors, media, and all ecosystem players interested to learn more about new innovations and business ideas.

This is the place to meet the Research to Business technology cases coming from Aalto University as well as our startups from our programs: Business Generator, Urban Tech Helsinki, ESA BIC Finland, and Aalto Digital Creatives.

Here are all the startups that will participate from each program:

Aalto Startup Center’s Business Generator

Ainak – is digital tools for renovation/retrofit bidding and planning. They provide a fast and easy solution for modelling the space and sketching design solutions – accessible for anybody.

Bleam – enables automated physical commerce with frictionless end-customer authentication and helps to seamlessly authenticate customers and link them to correct loyalty or payment methods.

Cube Plus

Komu homes –  aims to enable a better living experience in rental houses with platform including the two most important stakeholders: tenants and property managers.

Robomed- develops robotic-based solutions for human health: A robotic capsule for biopsy, endoscopy and microbiota sampling of small intestine streaming live via smartphone and synchronized VR/AR.

Spectrocor- is the first to offer real-time monitoring of heart conditions during heart operations. With their SpectroCor monitoring device, surgeons can ensure heart oxygenation and optimize protection against ischemia.

Safegrid – Intelligent Grid System™ helps locate, predict, and prevent grid faults and improve grid performance with instant-on wireless sensors and modern cloud-based monitoring and analytics.

Vacuum Wood Tech – the  vision is to become the most impactful actor in sustainable construction by manufacturing a unique, active & sensor powered vacuum drying -based construction element solution.

Vensum Power Oy

YONO– App provides a platform for restaurants and consumers to connect. Restaurants can offer their last minute availability and where the consumer can make a “radar search” to locate or request a free table.

Research to Business

AGATE is set out to revolutionize how, when, why and where we take hyperspectral images and utilize this date, creating insights beyond the visible in our everyday lives. AGATE’s imaging technology combines the worlds of traditional RGB and hyperspectral imaging on a single solid state silicon

BatteryMonetizer – Artificial intelligence for optimal bidding of energy resources: renewable electricity generation with battery energy storages, on multiple electricity markets and across multiple battery services.

Design AI-is a quantum leap for design teams, allowing them to boost creativity, productivity, and management. We develop computational superpowers that enable designers and managers to take full advantage of design systems.

Facades- The Façades project aims at developing the missing components for enabling AR-based realestate listing and advertising in outdoor environments and finding the most suitable commercialization path.

MegMri – Developing an unconventional implementation of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) that is safe, open, and silent, as well as compatible with other
sensitive technologies such as magnetoencephalography (MEG).

Milliscan – is making the world’s most convenient people and mail screening system for the security sector.

Nosore – develops an end to end solution for pressure injury prevention which includes a smart sheet with a mobile interface.

NPHarvest- is an innovative technology aiming at enabling efficient and sustainable nutrients recycling. NPHarvest is able to remove in a cost-effective
manner nutrients from different wastewater sources.

PCMIis a smart, self-regulating, bio-based insulation material that also maintains its physical form and ressiliance. A sustainable, bio-based insulation material with smart temperature regulation and energy saving properties. This replaces environmentally non-sustainable insulation options e.g. in the packaging area.

Twinbase – is a small team of two Internet of Things researchers specialized in making digital twins more connected.

Vital Signs-  is developing a connected and smart multimodal medical device which can detect and analyse several biosignals through skin contact.

Wuud- A group of product development, commercialization and design professionals and researchers creating new wooden solutions for architectural cladding. WUUD offers solutions for building industry´s request of sustainable solutions made of wood.

Urban Tech Helsinki

Arctic Farming –  is developing vertical farming technologies for the HoReCa and retail industries with future applications in the space industry.

Ekotekt – provides robotically fabricated formwork for concrete through a platform which connects fabricators and architects to produce complex and
efficient structures with lower CO2 emissions.

I/Ovuo – Our company, I/OVuo, is developing sensor-based solutions, to help organisations (public and private) in different sectors, to solve the problem of knowing in real-time both the structural soundness of their assets (e.g. bridges, dams, dock structures) and the movement of critical elements (e.g. ships, soil in landslides), with proprietary concept of hardware and software combination.

Metagrow – utilizes patented (pending) technology and an innovative method which allows them to create a smart indoor plant industry with volume
production around the urban environment.

Missing Link -Renki-system is a real-time data management platform that uses advanced sensor technology to provide precise and up-to-date information on people’s movements and activities.

Nelinor – GES (Grid Electricity Storage) is a plug and play battery that is able to trade electricity automatically, buying the energy when it is cheap and releasing it back to cover for consumption during the expensive hours.

Parkly– A team of urban designers working towards more liveable cities: Parkly transforms public places with a modular urban furniture solution, which is flexible and circular.

Superhood – is a social communications platform for cities and neighborhoods. With Superhood people can keep up with and influence all the neighborhoods they care about, without user tracking, closed groups, or excessive algorithms.

100TM- proposes a new way to build cities that will drastically reduce our carbon footprint and change the way we live on this planet.

Aalto Digital Creatives

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Service Sandbox

Aalto Ventures Program