Kaisa Kromhof is the co-founder of Contract Mill and served as General Counsel of an international company headquartered in Switzerland for several years. As a professional she could acknowledge the constrains of having to deal with time consuming work of drafting legal documents and immediately recognized the opportunities that easy, yet powerful solutions can bring to lawyers (and business owners!) when repetitive manual work in document creation can be automated.

Sari Korhonen joined Contract Mill from Edita Publishing where she was Business and Development Director being part of the Management Team and responsible for Legal information sector, a market-leading provider of Finnish legal data and Legal Tech services like Edilex. She brings over 15 years of experience of working across all areas of scaling business and digital development in Finland and globally.

The company was established in 2016 and came to create easy to use yet powerful technology that makes it possible for its users to improve access to justice and knowledge and make a change, by empowering people help themselves as well as helping others. The current document automation market had not progressed and adapted into the modern look and feel and therefore strong attention was given to creating a truly user-friendly platform, easy to implement and intuitive. Design is of great importance and the philosophy is to put the customer and the problem in the center of attention.

With their intuitive automation tool, anyone can automate their own templates easily. Contract Mill works perfectly both for simple and complex documents and allows their clients to add their own instructions for each rule. Through the use of document automation Contract Mill can generate polished and customized documents using information from the user’s responses to a simple questionnaire. The user is given sufficient information to answer simple questions and the underlying software incorporates those answers within a standard form to produce a completed document. The process is rapid and can be implemented within minutes.

The product has been commercialized since the end of 2018 with the company already having a global clientele.

Very recently it has been selected by PWC to take part at their scale up program, in London. They have received great feedback from the customers of PWC and are now looking into building business relationships. The company is active in various legal tech workshops and conferences presenting the product and has been warmly welcomed.  The launch of the new level version of the product is scheduled for the end of the year.

Functioning within the Aalto Startup Center they have benefited from having access to internal events and trainings and being introduced to investors. Kaisa and Sari also appreciate the light yet professional environment of the community and their customers seem to be enjoying this feeling.

For the following year, the company is looking to expand by hiring next software developers and and focusing on generating sales. So far Contract Mill has been approached by clients who have heard of the product which is constantly evolving based on customer’s feedback and new features are added. They are proud to say that another startup within the Aalto Startup Center is already using their services.

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